Ariel White Aztec

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As promised in my post Kata Suara : Greetings of Peace : Salam Damai : Videos, you can find the complete details of my outfit that day in this post. A quick post filled with pictures on what I wore when  I was invited to read, recite and sing a poem for on 16th March 2014 in conjunction with World Poetry Day (Hari Puisi Sedunia). 

Why white (or 'creme')? Because the title of the poem I sung was "Salam Damai" (Greetings of Peace) and somehow I felt that I wanted to wear white because in my mind at that time was that white symbolizes peace.

I wore an aztec print skinny skirt, a fishtail top and a white gold plated belt. I used to wear skinny jeans and leggings just few years ago but have stopped wearing them since my umrah trip in June 2012. Probably this skinny skirt can replace my old skinny jeans and leggings. Hehe. Since it's a bit figure hugging so I thought that the fishtail top matches perfectly with this skinny skirt as it gives the necessary coverage. 

Love the white belt because it complements white top very well.

Outfit details :
Top : Ariel Creme from ARNADIA by GAYA
Belt : Kim from ARNADIA by GAYA
Skirt  : Aztec Skirt in Black & White II by Kiss & Tell from Fashion Valet
Shawl Paripari Shawls available at 
Shoes : Corgi
Handbag : Marc Jacobs, mother's.
Bangle : Gifts from my late grandmother, Opah
Photographer : @kneok


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  1. very inspiring and too beautiful!

  2. Mommy's Diary of LifeMarch 28, 2024 at 9:10 AM

    dear, kamera apa u guna? cantik la..