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Our GAME ON! pose 
'GAME ON!' - is the name of the Group Exhibition by Studio Pisang which was launched by Datin Sofia Jane last Sunday 16th February 2014. Curated by Ruzaimah Latiff, the exhibition show cases the strong visual works of seven young and promising local artists (Sabihis Md. Pandi, Zulkhairi Abdul Muin, Hisyamuddin Abdullah, Shafiq Nordin, Khairi Shamsudin and Mohd Akhir Ahmad) who look like they are set to stay in the Malaysian arts scene. 

I may have written about this before, but art is something which still lacks appreciation here in Malaysia. My two favourite paintings of the exhibition 'The Women with Pearl Earring III' and 'The Women with Pearl Earring IV' is very peculiar because the women, who are in very attractive poses.. are not actually wearing any pearl earrings. Is it to reflect that people tend to overlook the things most important to them? Tan Sei Hon also pointed out that both the paintings do not show the windows to the soul (eyes) of these women, depicting the impersonal and deep lack that is the nature of materialism. Hmm... Something to ponder about. 

I also like the artwork 'Keep Smiling' by Zulkhairi Abdul Muin. According to Tan Sei Hon, 'Keep Smiling' paints a young girl who is "still able to flash a big smile against a backdrop of grinding poverty. The message then, is to accept and celebrate who we are no matter what stations in life we happen to be born into for happiness after all is a state of mind, a choice that is available to all of us, if only we would recognize it".

It's very important to support our local budding young artists and to try and understand and appreciate their works. The exhibition is on-going until 28th February 2014 so do try and catch it. 

My last post on an art exhibition was Chapter 1 : Rebirth : A solo Exhibition by Akhmal Asyraf and last post on an art event I attended was A Lifelong Love Affair with Textiles. You can read more on art if this captures your interest.

Anyway. I've taken pictures of my personal favourites below, although I didn't take pictures of all the works on exhibition :( There were a few others that I liked but I forgot to take pictures of them. So that's another reason for you to check the exhibition out.. Do share with me which paintings you like best and why ya? For those who are also interested in what I was wearing, wait for it in my next post! :)

The poster

With Datin Sofia Jane Hisham. One of my fav paintings at the back! 'How I See the World and the World See Me' by Zizan Rozman. One of the paintings that I love but I forgot to take a full picture of! 

'The Woman with Pearl Earring IV' by Mohd Akhir Ahmad

My husband and I with the newlyweds. My brother Raja Nadhil Aqran who just turned 21 few days back and wifey Syahira Zakaria who just started her own style blog Style by Sya.  

Sofia Jane giving her short and sweet launching speech mentioning that the communities from different art groups should connect more with one another.

The husband's favourite piece titled 'Beautiful Night' by Khairi Shamsudin.

Love the strong colour of this painting titled 'Redscape I' also by Khairi Shamsudin.

'Imperfect' by Zizan Rozman.

With the beautiful Sofia Jane, in front of 'How I See the World and the World See Me' by Zizan Rozman
Opening speech by the gallery owner Raja Ahmad Aminullah. That's 'Black Cat' by Sabihis Md. Pandi at the back.

The ladies with my mother.

'The Woman with Pearl Earring III" by Mohd Akhir Ahmad 

A picture with fellow art-lovers.

"Keep Smiling' by Zulkhairi Abdul Muin

The husband and I posing in front of his favourite painting

'Redscape' I by Khairi Samsudin

The artists together with the gallery owner Raja Ahmad Aminullah and Sofia Jane 

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