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Hello first Friday of 2014! My first post of the year. :)

I planned to do a "Highlights of 2013" post. But then I realized that my "Highlights of 2012" was still in the draft section until now! For me, at least, I guess this past 2 years has been a very interesting journey, a lot has happened and it is not that easy for me to keep everything short and brief in one single post. Maybe, I'll try to blog about it soon. Will try to keep it short. :)

Anyways, how did I spend my New Year's eve this year? I was just at home spending quality time with the husband and had take-out dinner. No fireworks, no bustling the traffic jam, no crowded places. Just some peaceful time with the husband.

I just found out the day before the eve of new year that he will have to fly to London again for work. That's four times already in the space of a few months. He was in London on our anniversary, my birthday and almostttttt, for the New Year 2014. (Luckily) however, the work trip was postponed to tomorrow due to ticketing problems and the immigration department's computer system hanged just as they were activating his passport. 

Well, I don't mind as long as he's back for our baby's 1st birthday this 14th January 2014. Of course our daughter is not here with us in this world, but I would still like to remember her birthday together with my husband. I'm pretty sure that every day she is up there is way better than any birthday parties we can throw her. She must be receiving gifts that we can never afford to give her in this world. :)

Anyways, on the first day of this new year my husband and I went to visit my parents-in-law till the afternoon.

At night, we went and watched the Secret Life of Walter Mitty after dinner. It's a nice movie. Walter lost his father at a very young age. He was a rebellious kid with mohawk hair but when he lost his father his personality changed because of the responsibility that he had to carry. Walter Mitty has a habit of zoning out during the day because of the sacrifices he had to make to take care of his mother and sister. He had no excitement, no holiday, no nothing. He didn't do anything interesting in his entire life. However, his life took a turn when his job which he has worked so hard for the past 16 years was suddenly threatened. He lost his job but he became a better person, more bold and daring because of it.

I could relate to the above in so many different levels.

Personality change. A rebel turned into a more obedient person due to responsibilities. Zoned out and blur. Career path...    

I've watched so many good movies that touched my heart in 2013. A lot of the movies I saw became my favourites for different reasons but I haven't had the chance to blog about it yet. Probably I'll share my 2013 movies favourites soon. Gosh, there's just so many things to share and blog about! 

Anyways, I've been blogging ikut suka hati about everything under the sun. But, I would love to know what my readers usually like to read about. And what categories interests you the most. Events? Looks? Reflections stories? Food? Weddings? Movies? Care to share with me?

Just curious :)  

Here's to a more active blog this 2014, if God wills it.

By the way, since it was a casual outing I wore a sleeveless long dress with this two toned cardi. On casual days, I like to wear relaxed outfits like this which feels breezy and like I could skip and jump about. (No, I didn't really do that in public). 

I had a scrumptious dinner with the hubs. Yum. First dinner of the year which unexpectedly cost a bomb. Which triggered a new year resolution for me. Since I'm a big foodie, I made a resolution to stop spending on food excessively. Only on special occasions! Remind me if I forget. Food is my vice nowadays.

Well, I'm looking forward to see what 2014 brings!


Outfit details :
Top : Two Tone Cardi by .Najdani. at Lana Store
Bag : Zipper Bag gift from the husband
Arm Candy : Gift from my mother and late grandmother, Opah
Shawl : Paripari Shawls available at 
Photographer : @kneok the husband


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