Radiant Orchids

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Hello and happy Sunday!

I know I haven't been blogging for the past week. It's been a very busy week for me. Early in the week it was my daughter's birthday on 14.1.14. Thank you for all your warm wishes and prayers which I have read but not managed to reply to every single one. I want you to know that it means a lot to me. In the same week, it was also my younger brother's solemnization and wedding reception which was held in Ipoh. I've just got back from a wonderful weekend in Ipoh with the whole family. Alhamdulillah everything went well. 

I didn't want to go one whole week without a post, so I've decided to do a quick update which is a look post taken before Rayqal's 5th birthday last Sunday and just before I went to KLIA to pick up the husband who came back from London! :D 12th January 2014 :) Since I was going to attend a kid's birthday party, I thought I should go for the colourful and fun look.

I decided to wear a purple, flowy, tiered maxi skirt by SUch! which you can get at Lana Store. It's made from chiffon cerutti. It was comfortable and looked a little fun, which was what I wanted. It's also quite puffy. The skirt is very light and responds very well to my movements and also the wind.  They are giving a special promo now, too! (Voucher details awaits you at the end of this post) 

I also love the Numma Nuur instant-scarf I wore to complement the skirt. It's a new type of scarf introduced to me by my friend and the owner, the beautiful Natasha Hudson. The design is very unique, you can just slip it on and instantly you're ready to go out. You don't need any pins or even any inner. This is something you girls might want to check out. Having said that, I did use one pin to keep it in shape and try my own style. So, it's quite versatile.

I wore Olivia from ARNADIA by GAYA. Do follow GAYA's instagram at @gayacollective. We'll do an Exclusive Pre-launch Sale specially for The Gaya Collective's instagram followers soon.

A wonderful beautiful surprise was delivered for my husband and I last Friday morning just before we left KL to go to Ipoh for my brother's wedding. Special delivery of a bouquet of flowers from Shereen, Hafeez and baby Hannah :)

Beautiful unexpected gift at the end of a beautiful week. You will come across a few people in life who will lift you up when you're feeling down. Shereen Bahawi is one of the few for me. Blessed. All praises to God gfor the gift of this beautiful friendship.

The inspiration of the title of my post today is the flowers that I received and also because I read few weeks back that Radiant Orchid is the colour of 2014! hehe. Random.

I'm going to unpack my bag now. Here's to a busy week ahead. No need for monday blues. 

Happy working everyone!

Outfit details :
Skirt : Drape Skirt by SUch! by Suchi Utami from Lana Store
Shawl : Leya LY 07 from Numma Nuur (IG : @nummanuur also available on Lana Store , Fashion Valet and EILIYA)
Top : Olivia Creme from ARNADIA by  GAYA
available at www.gayaworld.com
(Follow IG @gayacollective for updates)
Shoes: MIDI Shoes Tess Heels in White from Fashion Valet
Bag : My mother's weaved clutch 
Arm Candy : Gift from my mother and late grandmother, Opah
Photographer : My brothers Raja Khairul Anwar and Raja Ahmad Hariz


If you want to enjoy RM30 off of your purchase at Lana Store where I got the Drape Skirt, shop a minimum amount of RM60 and use this voucher code:RNADIA30 (valid till 30th April 2014). Enjoy it while you can.


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