Pu3 Bridal Part 2 : Hauntingly Beautiful

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Hello ladies :) 

Another super long post filled with lots of pictures and videos!

Yesterday Cho  whatsapped a video summary of the first ever Pu3 Bridal Fashion Showcase titled "An Allegory" themed Hauntingly Beautiful which was held on 6th July 2013. (Watch videos below

I suddenly realized that it has been quite some time since I blogged about what I wore (Pu3 Bridal Part 1) waaay back in July. I did mention that I would blog about the show, the talented designer Putri Azalea Ramli (my cousin Cho) and the lovely fashion lovers I met that night. It has been 5 months since, but as ever with me there's just too many photos to choose from! Now that there's an official video which captures the mood and everything else I don't have to choose so many pictures and videos which were taken from my camera. Yay! But after re-discovering my drive to write this post, I've decided, heck, I'll just share most of them anyways. So here goes, another delayed yet very long post!

Beautiful models, beautiful set up!

PU3 Bridal Fashion Show & Launch from Meel Lao on Vimeo.

Love the above video summary by Meel Lao! Captured the moments perfectly! 

Scroll down to the bottom to see more pictures and videos of the event taken by the amateur moi. Yes, me. I know the pictures are not as clear as my recent photos because the photos were taken from my previous camera but I think the effect suits the Hauntingly Beautiful theme even more :) The event was unique, elegant and quite haunting. 

When I arrived, Cho told me she gave me the best seat in the house. I thought she was joking but it turns out that I sat next to the official photographers and videographer. Thank you Cho! It was a very organized and artistically curated event, everyone was assigned their seats (I was one of the front liners on duty to usher guests to their seats too) and the set-up was very unique which allowed the models to walk in front of all the guests around the whole room.

My beloved Wan terchinta and I. My mother.

Aida Ishak, Ruzana Ibrahim, Hasanah Hilmi, Nina, Farahana Azmin & Alia Alizar.

The talented designer with the models.

Beloved sister my Hasanah Hilmi and Ruzana Ibrahim. 
We were classmates since Standard 1 when we were 7 years old. 
Blessed to have friends who stick around through thick and thin, good times and bad times.

This is not even half of the entire bridal collection! Everything was so beautifully haunting and screams Putri Azalea Ramli! Love my view of the whole awesome show.

This show marks yet another milestone for Pu3. As Cho's cousin, I've watched her talent shine through from Pu3's beginning to now. It also means a lot to me that she has ventured into this territory because she really does have the talent. When I wanted to get married, the first person I went to to discuss my wedding dresses was with Cho. Her ideas and sketches were very good. Not only could she understand what I wanted, she made it better. I believed in her talent then, even though she was a little nervous to do mine as I was the first person to ask Pu3 to do all my four of my bridal dresses 3 and a half years ago with Cho doing two, and Enda Cho (my aunt Raja Noora Ashikin) doing the other two. Some photos of 2 of my bridal dresses are available on this blog (see Wedding portrait and  wedding photos). I recently wore my akad nikah top again in GAYA Pu3 for Mira's Wedding too.  

 Cuzzies : Cho, me, Putri Faralisa Sofia Adril and Putri Zaralisa Adril. 
Min was supposed to be in this picture too but couldn't find her 
even though we sat next to each other during the show.

Fasha Sandha, Ibu Putra Rayfal and Mama Putri Jibrael.

Cousins & cousins-in-law : Alia Alizar, Putri Zaralisa, Nadya Danish & Putri Faralisa

My parents, my aunties and cousins.

Cousins. Lop Ramelle, Tengku Azura, Lop Nazrain and then fiance now wifey, Nadia Monira :)

With the talented designer of Pu3 Designs. Heartiest congratulations. I'm so proud of you cuz. To see how you've grown with Pu3 and as a person personally since we were little kids. A fashion designer, fashion business owner, a wife, daughter and a mother to 2 year old Alriz. Look at you! Love you very much Cho. May the Creator protect you in this world and After always. May He bring you closer to Him, contentment and His Love always. 

Oh, and thank you for making this maroon dress for me years ago Cho. :) Luckily I can still fit into it this year. Hehe!

Mama Jibrael and Mummy Rayqal, Nora Danish

My date that night. My husband Abdullah Khubayb. Mi amore. 
My bestfriend. Abah Jibrael.  :)

Mia Suraya my cousin, the girl who persuaded me to make my blog public in 2010. 
The one who just got married this month and just left for honeymooning in Paris yesterday 
the day after the photoshoot with ARNADIA by GAYA!

With beautiful fashion lovers Alia Alizar, Aida Ishak, Nina, 
Hasanah Hilmi, Farahana Azmin, Maria Muna, Adila Long, Ezzan Zalilah, 
Malisa, Eryana & Ruzana Ibrahim.

L-R : Aida Ishak, DAhlia Nadirah, Hasanah Hilmi, Zaireen Azman,
 Erin Adlina, Eryana & Ruzana Ibrahim.

Malaysia's supermodel, the humble Tengku Azura.

My aunty, the proud mummy of the designer for the show, Raja Noora Ashikin. 
The one who designed and made my 2 wedding dresses 3 years ago.

One of my favourite dresses that night I managed to capture on video. Godh, I'm in love with the music and everything! The set up was so beautiful. Rayqal so cute trying to take pictures of the show.

Another favourite caught on video. Spotted, mr husband!

Most of the bridal collection paraded by the models.

My awesome view of the show captured on video!  

Yeop Rizal brought us cousins, my parents and aunties for a very late dinner at Carlos Pavilion after the show and the food was delicious! I remember it's been a long while since I ate that much at that time. Thank you for treating us Yeop!

All in all it was a good night. I enjoyed the fashion show where Cho expressed her artistic creativity through her beautiful fashion pieces. I enjoyed the music and the beautiful set up. I enjoyed meeting family, relatives and friends at the intimate, private and cosy fashion showcase. And at the end of it, I enjoyed the food. Alhamdulillah.

Congrats Pu3 and Cho! Continue to shine!

Phew, till my next post!


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