Niesa's Carcossa

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On 28th April 2013, the sorority girls got together again. After Birthday Breakfast at Barberra : Fazlin & Norleen we met up for our dearest Khairun Nisa @ Niesa for Sunday tea at Carcossa Seri Negara. A get together with my unimates was brilliantly themed blue and green (can't remember who suggested it) turned out to be a sweet and colour-coordinated event which looked so soothing to the eyes in real life and in photos. And that's because everyone followed the theme. The food was awesome and the games we always play when we get together was really fun too. The girls who attended the do organised mainly by Fadzilla Ismail were Nuzul Iswani, Fazlin Azrimi, Amirah Ausi, Norleen Nordin and the photographer Abdullah Khubayb who also accompanied me as i was in the initial stages of going out.

I've known Nisa for 11 years since my matriculation days reading law. Wow! 11 years. We were classmates in matriculation till our final year of university. We became closer during our first year of university since we lived in the same dorm, always went and returned from classes together almost everyday together with Fadzilla and even studied together. We basically were together almost every single day during weekdays with the rest of the girls especially during those four years in uni. One thing Nisa and I share most is our love for taking photos! Hahaha. All the years in my life, I don't think I have ever met someone who equally loved taking photos and capturing moments as much as I did. Until I met Niesa! Till this very day and age! The last time I blogged about Niesa and her birthday was in The Cat-astrophic Sunday.

I love that everyone of the girls that I'm close to in university actually make the effort to always keep in touch and get together to stay connected every few months, not just via social media means. And they always do a belated or advanced birthday get-togethers for each and everyone. Eventhough everyone is going on living different lives, going through changes and different phases of life, we still manage to meet each other every once in a while and catch up with all that is happening in our lives, chill and sometimes even play games to challenge the mind or unleash the kids in us! Hehe. I'm truly blessed to have them as my friends since uni till now. I'm so blessed. Alhamdulillah. *wink*

To Niesa, thank you for being one of the main organisers of all the birthday dos and for bringing us all together. It is not easy to bring everyone but you have done it again and again so many times, of course with the help and cooperation of the rest of the girls. Thank you for being the lively one who always come up with the ideas on games and themes for all the get-togethers. It is always fun to be with these girls. The main organiser for Niesa's event was Fadzilla this time around and she did a good job making Niesa all happy and content.

Niesa, I'm so glad that we met during matriculation and fate has it that we became close in university. I am truly blessed to have you as one of my closest friends through thick and thin. Love you very much. May God make our friendship last till Jannah, May God bless you with contentment and happiness till the Afterlife. May the Creator bring you closer to Him and His Love because you deserve nothing less. Amin

Always be the kindhearted cheerful sweet soul that you are.



Photographer : @kneok the husband
(PS: This is an extremely delayed post because I lost all data including pictures in in my previous harddisk so had to ask for pictures from other cameras. Thanks Niesa! I was secretly hoping that all the pictures can be retrieved before I publish post this but still all the pictures can's be retrieved)

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  1. brin ure always making me cry! so sweet :') super terharu. thank u so much for your friendship and of the other girls. i had so much fun and great memories of university because of u guys! we did every possible thing together.feel so blessed to have u guys in my life :')) love you loads!! may our friendship lasts forever amin