20.12.2023 : A Mother's Sacrifice

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Hello Friday (favorite day)! :)

Wow, it has really been a year. Time really passes. And everything really does pass. A lot of things happened this past year. Good things, shocking things and unexpected things. Everything as God has already planned it. The things I talked about in  Expect the Unexpected II  happened around this time last year.

I cannot believe it has been a year since my last post in 2012. Not too long ago. The post titled 20.12.2023 : Heartfelt dedicated to my mother right after I blogged about  Patience, Perseverance, Relief of Mothers (PPRoM).

But to look at it in one perspective, the ordeals strengthen not only myself but my family in ways that we did not even realize or could ever imagine. This too is a hidden blessing by God.

Everything that has happened has opened my eyes and showed me that everything (should) start and end with family. I remember before everything that had happened last year, I was one of those people who did not prioritise family. I prioritised work above everything else including my own health and family. Until one day I ended up in the hospital for a long time, with my work and health being taken away from me just like that. God is great. Being in the hospital opened up my eyes in so many ways. One of it was how my mother was the exact opposite of me. I realize that my mother had always prioritised family more than anything else in the world. My mother had to sacrifice her career, passion and interest to take care of the family when we were young to raise us and bring us up. My mother would always put her family first. Last year, during my Beautifully Traumatic Experience, my mother put on hold everything else just to take care of me in the hospital. I only put on hold work and everything else for 6 months for my daughter, being in the hospital and after that, confinement but my mother has done this for many many years. She was there at the hospital every day to accompany me and to bring me food. When my dad was admitted in another hospital at the same time, she also had to look after him.

My mother was very worried about the thought of losing me and Jibrael, her first grandchild. As the doctor said, it was 50-50 for the both of us at that time being in the hospital as I chose to fight for Jibrael's life despite all the risks that the doctors made us aware of. Our family then suffered another test when my dad was hospitalized. I couldn't imagine how my mother felt at that time and I couldn't imagine being in her shoes. All praises to the One who gives us the tests. God tests whom He loves. He tests those whom He wants to be closer to Him and always be reminded of Him and His Greatness. We have no power as all power belongs to the Almighty Allah.

Last year I said it, and this year I am saying it again. Alhamdulillah another year has passed. All praises to the Almighty for the countless gifts that He has showered us with. If we were to try and count the blessings and gifts that He has given to us, we would not be able to count them because there's just too many.

To my mother Wan,

This year on 14th January 2013, you became a grandmother to your first granddaughter. All praises to the Creator that she is a child in heaven. Arwah Opah (my late grandmother) used to tell me stories of your eldest sister, my aunt, who went to heaven when she was a baby just like Jibrael. Probably she's looking after Jibrael right now. They are in a happy beautiful place beyond our limited imagination while we are in this world. They are waiting for us there, insyaAllah. May our purpose in life be to be in that lovely place that they are in, the beautiful eternal life in Jannah.


Your sacrifices can never be repaid by me. Never. I may not be the best of daughters, but please know that I love you very much and will always forever do. Forgive me for all my wrongdoings in the past as my way to heaven lies under your feet. May God reward you excessively for all your kindness, sacrifices, dedication and love towards your family. If I can even have half of your dedication and strength as a mother, I know that insyallah I'll be following the path of being a good mother. Just like you.

Thank you for everything. Happy Birthday.


~All pictures in this post were taken by my beloved father at my birthplace London, England~


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  1. the picture where your mom carries you, ohmaigadd. you surely looked alike your mom now! so similar!

  2. why u called ur mom as "wan" ?