The Ones Who Birthed My Life

11:00:00 PM

Thank you for carrying and giving birth to me. Thank you both Wan and Abah for raising me up to be the person that I am today. Without you both I would not have existed. All praises to the Creator for creating love between the both of you because it birthed this life of mine. Alhamdulillah. 

On my birthday this year I'm a mother to a child in heaven. I understand a whole lot more what you both have been doing. The worrying and the unconditional love. Somehow everything revolves around your child. And everything you do in some way or the other is actually not for yourself but for your children. Thank you for being a great support system and for being the first people who taught me to talk, walk and understand things in this world. Thank you for being my first teachers. I love you both very much. Truly blessed to have an amazing set of strong parents. 

I pray that God grant you good health and a long life. This year both of you became first time grandparents. Jibrael is your first granddaughter. I pray that you'll have many many more grandchildren too. May God protect you both and bring you closer to His LOVE, the greatest love of all. Amin 

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