Monochrome for IFF : Lovely Fashion Lovers I Met

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On 19th November 2013, I attended the Islamic Fashion Festival held at JW Marriott with my GAYA team Hasanah Hilmi and Yasmin Bahrudin. This year the tagline was Discover the Beauty of Modesty presenting KL London Paris New York. It was a short and sweet event during brunch and I met some friends and fashion lovers at the event.

We arrived early. One of the first few faces I met there was Shea Rasol. I love how down-to-earth, unpretentious and humble this girl is. We just couldn't stop talking to each other during the entire event! Of course we just had to take our look shots outdoors together before the show started. We sat together through the whole event and I was happy that we managed to catch up on a lot of stuffs. Shea also generously shared photography and blogging tips since she's been actively blogging for the past few years. The tips really mean a lot to me, coming from a true blogging pro! I remember the first time I met her was during Day 3 KLFW RTW IFF 2013 after being only online friends for quite a while. Sometimes, we are lucky to get to meet people that we can just click instantly. I'm so blessed to meet a sweet soul like her and it is always nice to bump into her.

I planned to post some of the more interesting photos I took of the fashion show but my photos of the show didn't turn out as good because our seats were quite far from the stage. They served brunch and I loved the satay and the popiah served. The deco was beautiful and I felt like I was at a western wedding event because of the way they arranged the seating.

I also met up with some of my Usrah Fitrah friends, Yatt Hamzah, Shakila Adnan, Kak Noryn Aziz, Fazi and hubby Adam Corrie. ;)

Anyways, I wore a leopard print blouse paired with a white tutu skirt and the timeless clutch I've blogged about in Injecting Tradition. The monochrome looks well with just a little red at the bottom part of my heels :)

If you want to know WHY TUTUS? read my post : Work the Tutu : Dancing on the Streets. ;)

To my surprise, after the look shots were taken, I received a belated birthday gift from Hasanah Hilmi. The Naked 2 make-up kit! I was so excited when I received it. My new toy :) I go a little crazy when it comes to cosmetics!

I leave you all with what was shared on the first page of the booklet that guests received that day, a very famous hadith where it was reported that the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) once said:

"Allah is beautiful and indeed loves beauty" ~ Muslim~
Outfit details :
Top : Gatsby Blouse from Seqoci
Skirt : White Swan from ARNADIA by @gayacollective 
available at
Bag : ADILA LONG Warisan Clutch Bag from Seqoci
Earrings : Mother's vintage earrings
Arm Candy : Gift from my mother and late grandmother, Opah
Shawl : Sookascarf available at
Heels : Noir Pony Hair Pumps in Black by Kiss & Tell FV
Photographer : Yasmin Bahrudin

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  1. I just love ur dress !

  2. What camera are u using? Please let me knowww :)

  3. Laaaa ada lg org gila ni kt sini! Mmg betulla psycho. Gula yg pndai guna internet