Event: HITHAM (My Unexpected Birthday Gift!)

5:03:00 PM

With beautiful mothers :) 

Hasanah and I attended the launching of HITHAM held at The Pool, Jalan Ampang where I wore Belle in Gray (see previous look post).

We sat with a few familiar faces of fashion lovers who I usually meet at fashion events, but I think this was probably the first time I really managed to sit, chat, eat and take lots of pictures together with them. It was great that we all managed to click instantly (no, not just cameras 'clicking' instantly). Really grateful for the opportunity to get to know these people better. I think we had a great conversation and it was a fun and joyful afternoon. 

Coincidentally all of us on that table were mothers. From left to right for the above photo :- Delia Yahya mother of five, Fiena mother of two, myself mother of one, Hasanah Hilmi mother of 1, Rohana mother of three, Sarah Shah Nor mother of one & Vee mother of two. It was unexpected to see them all at the event but I feel blessed that I had a great time with this beautiful mothers chatting and laughing away. :)

The event was just a day before my birthday. Just my birthday luck (I'm not complaining, I'm very thankful!) my name was called out during the lucky draw. I was almost lost in conversation when they called out my name, and it took me a few seconds to register that they were calling my name. I got myself a nice mint green and pink shawl as an unexpected birthday gift which is always an added plus!

Congratulations HITHAM on your launch!


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