On the Cover of Hijabista Magazine (October) : Video & Photos Behind-the-Scenes

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I still can't believe I am on a cover of a magazine! It's unbelievable really. Earlier this year I was featured in NONA May 2013 Issue and WANITA July 2013 Issue which came as a surprise too but being on a cover of a magazine is really something else! Alhamdulillah. A special thank you goes to the Editor of HIJABISTA Magazine and also Hijabista TV Nursuziana Zulkifli for the sweet surprise when she called me up in July 2013 and invited me to be on the cover of HIJABISTA Magazine October 2013 Issue together with the beautiful Fatin Suhana.
I first met Fatin Suhana when I went to Karangkraf some time in October 2012 when Hijabista invited me for a photoshoot for a feature in their December 2012 issue. We sat next to each other during our make-up session. So, we chatted, took some photos together and exchanged IG usernames. At that time, I remember I was 3 months pregnant carrying Jibrael when we had that shoot. My husband accompanied me the whole time. I was so thin back then probably because I had severe morning sickness. That was almost a year ago and just a few weeks before I was admitted to the hospital. How time flies. Anyways, we later found out that Fatin's cousin is a close family friend of mine which I've known since I was a little kid, Ain. It is a small world indeed. :) So, when I found out that I'm going to be featured together with Fatin Suhana I felt comfortable and plus before the photoshoot we get to meet each other again at Hijabista Magazine Iftar.
We had the cover photoshoot on 30th July 2013 during Ramadhan and it lasted from early morning till late afternoon. My close friends Hasanah and Min accompanied me at the photoshoot. It was definitely a fun experience albeit quite exhausting. Bear in mind that we were fasting. I was nervous yet excited. Of course I had to ask for tips from Fatin since she's been actively modelling for quite a while now. In the end, it was a super fun photoshoot! It's also a bonus that the Hijabista team was really friendly, helpful and kind as well! They're a fun bunch! The photoshoot with Hijabista Magazine is a lovely experience to be treasured.
I was mad at myself for accidentally leaving my camera at home so I only managed to snap photos from my phone for the behind-the-scenes shots for my first ever cover photoshoot but to my surprise they recorded the whole behind-the-scenes of the photoshoot via video! When I saw it, it totally compensated for not having my camera at that time. :) Love the video so much! They recorded the fun bits of the photoshoot pretty well! Have a look at the video below to know what happened behind-the-scenes ya.

Thank you again Hijabista team, the editor, the art director, writer, the stylists, make-up artists, photographer, sponsors of all my looks and every single one involved! I really had so much fun with you all!

To my dear lovely readers, thank you so much to all of you for all your support and for reading through my blog all this while. Some of you have been reading since a few years ago and some are new to this blog. A big thank you to each one of you from the bottom of my heart. :) When I started blogging I did not expect many to actually read my blog and see what I wanted to share. Everything started off as a personal diary for me. I'm really touched by all the support that you have given me here.

All praises to the Creator. Every single good things comes from the Creator. Nothing is mine. Everything is borrowed. Everything belongs to Him. Alhamdulillah.


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  1. you're so gorgeous sis, I like your fashion =)

  2. already had the magazine just cause of you sis =)

  3. Subhanallah... you're so beautiful sis! i like your fashion n your hijab style... gojes!!!