Expect the Unexpected VII : The PPROM Week

1:58:00 PM

Just feel like writing this short post during lunch time instead of going out for lunch today.

This same week last year was a tough and shocking time for both my husband & I.

My water broke without us knowing on 26th October 2012 and was only confirmed on 31st Oct 2012. In between those days I worked hard, morning till night through weekends because we did not expect there was going to be any complication.

At that time, my life and our child's life were both threatened.

Suddenly, we had to learn what PPROM meant. I was given a choice whether to proceed with the pregnancy or do the unthinkable. For me, the choice was obvious. I'd risk my life for my child because the strong love that I have for her. Any mother would do the same when knowing your child's life is at risk .

On 1st November 2012 which happened to be my birthday, I was admitted in the hospital to fight for Jibrael's life. It was a blessing that we get to fight for life. Alhamdulillah I gave birth to her on the beautiful day 14th January 2013. All praises to the Creator for the strong fighting miracle, the biggest gift in our life, our daughter. I never thought I would ever become a mother to an angel, a child in heaven, our Putri Jibrael Zumirrah. The time our little family spent together at the hospital were beautiful unforgettable moments. We are blessed to be parents of a child in heaven. Alhamdulillah.

However, this same week exactly a year ago remains a trauma I'm still trying to recover from. Last year I was tested in different ways than this year. God will not stop testing His servants. He tests whom He loves. With hardships or ease. May God grant us all strength to persevere through the tests. May God grant us patience. We are all so blessed. Let's all contemplate and be thankful for everything that we have been blessed with.


This post is a continuation of Expect the Unexpected VI : My Beautifully Traumatic Experience : Beautiful Jibrael 

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  1. Liza Masrina IbrahimOctober 29, 2023 at 8:41 AM

    Expect the Unexpected.. A year ago while constantly reading ur updates via fb and giving u every encouraging words tht I could find, I too was tested with returning a child back to our CREATOR. Truly in everyway Allah has prepared his servant and has given us all we need to face the test and trials. May we find peace knowing that we have a child ever so successful in this world (leaving it in the purest way anyone could ever imagined) as well as akhirat (being in a beautiful place beyond imagination) and that we shall one day be reunited with them insya allah.. My dua's are always for you RNS. Take Care.

  2. Tq for sharing your stories about ur beautiful daughter to the rest of us esp here in your blog n instagram.tq again and do keep writing ya.

  3. Mak Anak Darjah 1 2021November 5, 2023 at 12:14 PM


    Niat yang bagus (menegur saudara Islam) tetapi cara yang kurang baik. Cuba dekati dengan lebih lembut & hormat kepada yang ditegur. Tak elok secara terbuka jadi lebih baik gunakan email.

    Dan tak perlu kata-kata kesat yang menyakiti perasaan orang ("Don't be stupid"). Dah satu hal kamu berdosa pada yang ditegur. Kena minta maaf tuu.