White Galactica Boyfriend

9:32:00 PM

So here's what I wore for Shereen's all-white themed Awesome Baby Shower. The husband took these photos outside of my aunt's house after a meeting on my cousin's wedding coming up this October before I went to the baby shower. 

I actually wore my husband's pants because I couldn't fit in my old white pants. True story, but don't ask. So turns out to be my "boyfriend jeans". Literally. Or more like, husband's pants? Relaxed, comfortable, convenient and practical! Used to wear a lot of skinny jeans till some time last year but I haven't been wearing pants for a long while. I think since I became a mother. Hehe. That day I randomly decided to wear his pants. The silky galaxy scarf is by Yadotsa and the short dress is from Eight which I got early last year.

It was a beautiful day, the weather was just right and like I said, I love all-white themes! 


 After discussion on Nadia Monira's wedding with cousins and aunties.

Thank you for the pants Khubs love :p

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  1. Pakai apa pun cantikk :)

  2. ZAZA Apparels Manufacturer Sdn BhdSeptember 27, 2023 at 1:45 AM

    Cantik sangat2