The Red Leopard Photoshoot

11:20:00 PM

In Rainbow Colours to Make You Smile Photoshoot I wrote a bit on my experience at I Love Tudung's first photoshoot when I modeled Lala Love 's first collection last March 2013. 

I really appreciated my cousin's efforts to pull me out of the house and do something productive. I remember it was during a time when I did not want to go out of the house. Having been isolated for so long in the hospital and confinement, I became a recluse. My home was my comfort zone, my nest. Being out of the house was a challenge at the time and it was hard to believe but I had to get used to the sunshine again. Seriously.

I remember I had to put a lot of effort just to smile and to pose but as exhausted as I was that day I felt great helping out my cousin who was about to set up her online business and store.

Took a lot for me to adjust and adapt, just like a leopard.

So here are pictures taken by Sadiq Zulkifli of three different looks. You can find the shawls at I Love Tudung's website. Similar shawls can be found at IG @rajanoora hashtag #zazashawls. 

And yes, the messy style is deliberate. It was all styled by myself!



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