Jakarta Jagardddah Part 1 : The Story, Journey to Indonesia, Garuda Yum & Coincidences

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This is a long overdue post.

Way back in late March 2013, my soul sister Ruzana Ibrahim called me up on a Friday asking if I'd like to tag along with her to an event to attend in Jakarta which was related to cancer and health. Accommodation was all paid for, and I just needed to pay for the flight tickets. If you know my Ruzana, she's really random like that. She was the person who asked me to go for Umrah together with her last year.  (See True Love : Unworthy Me)

I wasn't sure whether to go or not. I was just finished with my confinement. Even though my midwife told me  that I should go for a holiday with the husband before I resumed work, my husband had just started working in a new law-firm so squeezing in a holiday getaway was just not possible at the time. 

I already wrote about the problems I faced at that time as well. I couldn't go out of the house if I didn't have my family with me. Even the thought of going to a mall was too overwhelming for me, so what more a different country, without the husband. But then again as much as I was nervous, I was also excited at the thought of going for a short trip with Ruzana. If anyone can make me feel comfortable, it's her. So I told her I would love to go but I needed to ask for my husband's permission first. 

Just last year, I was able to go in and out of the country alone without any problems. Even going to London alone for work early last year wasn't a problem. I wasn't dependent on anyone. How things change in a short span of time. Time travels. The things you take for granted may be taken away from you just like that.

Anyway, I called my husband. The mother of all coincidences, he told me that he tried to call me but couldn't get through (because I was calling him). He was trying to call me to tell me that the boss told him he had to go to Jakarta next week! For a meeting which happened to be on the same day as the event. What a coincidence! God has His beautiful plans for all of us. It was a sign for me to say yes to Ruzana. 

So we planned our trip within a few hours. It was tight for me because Ruzana could only travel on Tuesday, but I already promised my cousin to do a photoshoot on that morning for Hush by Suriaryani and Pari Pari. So in the end I went straight from the photoshoot to Jakarta with my fully made up face! Hehe. 

Here are some pictures of my journey from KL to Jakarta. My mother and cousin Putri Zaralisa sent Ruzana and I to the LCCT. We took Air Asia for cheap tickets. Moreover, it was only a short trip on flight to Jakarta. I just love being on an aero plane. Seeing the clouds from up above always makes me feel so small. It's always a humbling experience and I'm always awed at God's beautiful handiwork.

We arrived in Jakarta late in the afternoon and had to sit through the infamous Jakarta heavy traffic. At night, we met my husband at his hotel as he took a much later flight after work that day for the meeting the next day. He was there for work so that meant we could only meet at night for the days that we were there.

We then went to Garuda to have our delicious scrumptious dinner. I had my favorite cow brains (otak lembu) and cow veins (urat). Sounds weird but it is delicious. Yes, I eat almost everything since I'm a foodie. Blessed for the rezeki. It was a chilled trip. I didn't rush for anything. Just followed my own pace. My body was still recovering from my c-section.

I Had a fun time with Ruzana throughout the trip. I will blog on how I spent my days there soon, God-willing. 

I wore Kama Shawl from Hush by suriaryani at I Love Tudung and a Topshop Dress. Ignore my bad hijab day. I was just trying on a new style taught by Suri but couldn't master it yet, hence the super messy style. Hehe. Of course I wore Fit Flops for ultimate comfort while travelling :)

Till my next post!



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