Glitz Glam

3:42:00 PM

This is another collection of shots in I Love Tudung shawls self-styled :) I helped model Lala Love's first collection last March 2013 which includes shawls in my last post Red Leopard Photoshoot during I Love Tudung's first photoshoot.

It was a really fun photoshoot and I think one day I'll share the behind-the-scenes story and photos because it was really funny and 'interesting' too hehe.

Which look is your favorite? Personally, mine is the glittery dual tone shawl in teal which for some reason made me feel like a Queen Amidala wannabe. Don't ask me why, that's just how I felt.

Before I end this post, I'd like to end this post with this Prayer. I have mentioned this before in other posts, but I think I will repeat this, for we are all forgetful.
Beauty is subjective. The outward being does not determine what is in our hearts. Let us strive to be beautiful in and out only for His sake. This Prayer is to He who listens and understands our innermost desires and thoughts:

May God purify our hearts and cleanse our soul to realize the Ultimate goal in life. 
May we all be among the people of understanding.  
May God beautify our characters just as He beautifies our souls and our physical beings. 
May we be determined to do every single thing for His sake and His pleasure. 
May He purify our intentions to do every single thing for the purpose of seeking His Love. 
May we all be guided to be better slaves to Him. 
May God grant us the strength to remain consistent. 

Amin ya rabbal 'alamin.

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