Behind the Scenes : Pari Pari and Hush, I Love Tudung Photoshoot

6:52:00 PM

In Jakarta Jagardddah Part 1  I mentioned that before I went to Jakarta at noon I was from a photoshoot to model for Pari Pari and Hush by Suriaryani for I Love Tudung.

Well here are some behind the scenes photos with the fun bunch at the second photoshoot for ILT on 26th March 2013. Slept over at my cousin's place the night before to get ready by 6am for the photoshoot. 

Who are all these peeps in the photos? Aida G who did my make up, Remy the photographer, Zara the founder of I Love Tudung, Hasanah Hilmi of Pari Pari and Suri Aryani of Hush who were there to overlook everything. The ever so supportive husband Mr Abdullah Khubayb was also there before he went off to work early that morning :)

Thankfully, this photoshoot did not last the whole day like the first ILT photoshoot. (Will blog about that soon!) It was over in 3 hours before I rushed off for my flight to Jakarta.

It was a productive day thanks to all the efficient and amazing peeps who were there. Alhamdulillah.


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  1. Kak Sabrina blouse labuh putih tu beli kat mana ya? Susah cari baju labuh.

    1. Yang ni beli kat Topshop few years back.

  2. Seronok tengok gambar-gambar awak! Salam perkenalan dari saya! Saya baru je memandu Air Craft last week, jemputlah baca entry saya =)

    Gambar Saya Memandu Air Craft di Udara =)