Wearing Chinese Porcelain : Kashmir Raya

3:36:00 PM

Salam Eid al-Fitr.

It has been a very hectic and emotional Eid for me this year. Emotional for obvious reasons. Hectic due to visiting relatives and entertaining guests non-stop for the past two days. Today, I was supposed to travel outstation to visit my relatives but I am not feeling well so here I am lying on my bed and blogging this out.

Yesterday, I had some relatives and friends who came to the house and I think the guests only left after 1 a.m. Tiring but loved every minute of the valuable company of everyone who came.

I wore this baju kurung from Mazlianul Maznan which she calls "Kashmir". The print reminds of Chinese Porcelain because of the colours and its elegance and style. My parents used to collect Chinese porcelain plates so I grew up admiring its art. Have a few antique pieces around the house.  

I really love this baju kurung from Mazlianul Maznan. The modern dress-like cutting feels like it was tailored specifically for me and the choice of material makes this baju kurung very comfortable. But I'm really absolutely crazy about the prints. It is very traditional but at the same time, classy and trendy. This is a really stunning kurung from Mazlianul Maznan. Top notch work, my dear. Oh, I also love the buttons at the cuff too. It makes it so much easier for me to perform ablution. 

I topped off the look with a vintage bag, my engagement shoes and accessorized a little wearing my beloved late grandmother Opah's gold bangle and the white gold bangle my mother gave me. 

These shots were not taken yesterday. I'm sure that's obvious. These were taken earlier by a truly talented photographer who makes everything look nicer, Kim L during the fasting month. 

Maybe when I'm feeling better, I will share some Raya moments and pictures. God-willing.

Have a pleasant and blessed Raya with your loved ones, everyone! 


Kashmir Baju Kurung  by Mazlianul Maznan
PariPari Shawl at ilovetudung
Shoes custom-made by Kapas
Photos by Kim. L

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