Timeless Classic : Nearing Eid Nostalgia...

11:11:00 PM

Eid is nearing. I'm feeling a bit nostalgic. Time is moving so fast. It feels like yesterday. Last Eid. When I still couldn't believe that I was carrying my baby inside me. I remember thinking that last year would be my last  Eid before being a mother. I remember imagining that I would have my baby with me during the next Eid, doing the rounds with my family. Now Raya is approaching, just next week. 

God, give us strength. All strength comes from the Almighty.

Yes, this Raya. I'm definitely a mother. Just a mother who is not able to carry my baby in my arms like other mothers. But I definitely carry her in my heart all the time. And in my mind too, always. I am a mother who cannot take pictures with my baby daughter like other mothers. So I take solo pictures... Still.

Don't get me wrong. I am not complaining. She is in a much better place. A place too good to be true. A place where others only can pray to go to. A place no one on this earth is guaranteed of going. It hurts that she is not here with me, but I'm at peace knowing that she's being protected from harm, pain, suffering and hurt which only exists in this world of ours. Others cannot see her, but my husband and I, we see her all the time. We cannot take the images away from our thoughts and mind no matter how busy we are with our daily lives. Only those who are parents will understand this. And only those who have been separated from their children can understand. 

Putri Jibrael Zumirrah. Our beloved daughter. Our inspiration. Our strength to live and carry on. I miss my late daughter. Wish she was here but Allah knows better than all of us. All praises to the Creator of everything that exists. The love that I have for my daughter reminds me of the greatness of His power and that everything in this world is temporary. May He guide us all and bring us closer to His Love and the Eternal Bliss.

The closer I get to raya, the more sombre my mood.

People wear black to reflect their mood. But who says black isn't beautiful?

I saw this beautiful black dress from Fashion Valet and ordered it online. I really wanted to wear this black dress to Downy Mistique by FV event last week to suit the theme but it was not my luck as I only received this parcel from FV right after the event. However, there's always an excuse to wear this gorgeous dress.

Love the softness and the flow of this dress by SuriSara at FV. Love that it is super comfy too. Just to spice the look up I added my fav gold plated belt and gold accesories. Black and gold is always a classic look. Love it. 

I remember my cousin Cho designed a similar long dress for me few years ago for an event themed black and gold which I won an award by Watsons for "The Most Friendly Face". It was inspired by the Olsens twins. Hehe. That was ages ago. 

May God bless you all this last few days of Ramadhan. Happy fasting.


Long dress from SuriSara at Fashion Valet
Scarf I got in June 2012  from Madinah during my umrah trip

Photos by Kim. L

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  1. so beautiful..i love your dress..

  2. ur face looks like the olsen twins :) i always adore ur fashion babe :) and i know how it feels to lose a baby...may they rest in jannah. amin.

  3. comelnya, macam princess

    Sabar ya kak Nadia Sabrina, setiap yang berlaku ada hikmahnya.
    Ur baby menunggu ibunya di pintu Jannah, aminn..

  4. cantik sangat. (^_^)

    saya juga pernah merasainya.rindu juga pada dia..tp happy for her sbb dia berada ditempat yang paling baik dan hakiki.

    jgn sedih2 yer.
    satu hari nnt pasti ada pelangi yang cantik utk kita.ameen.