Raya on Fire 2013 : Part 2 : Black Eid | Gold Look

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It was a sad Eid for me. A day I wasn't looking forward to. Yes, Eid is supposed to be a joyous celebration for Muslims for overcoming their desires during the month of Ramadhan. Eid is also an occasion to be spent with family and relatives. Loved ones. Where people visit each other in their nicest and newest clothes. My family is incomplete without my daughter, and I cannot truly be happy and celebrate like everyone else without her around.

I visited my daughter's grave in the morning together with my whole family after the morning Eid prayers. Shortly before we left, every member of my family sought forgiveness from one another, as is our custom. After reciting surah Yasin and dua, I openly poured out my feelings for my daughter. It was only then that I started feeling a little better. It was a beautiful moment when both my husband and my father took turns to recite prayers after I poured out my feelings to my daughter. It was so deep and so meaningful. God is great. I am so blessed to have my family, my loved ones who share my grieve for Jibrael together with me. All praises to the Ultimate Giver for all the blessings in my life.

After visiting my daughter, I visited my in-laws and relatives. I'll share pictures of those moments soon, God-willing.

I knew I wanted to wear black for Eid and I chose the colour to suit my mood and feeling. I wore a modern baju kurung. Some people say that I cannot call this outfit "baju kurung" as it looks like a top and a skirt.

This kurung is from the Diana Amir x Emel by Melinda Looi Raya 2013 Collection. It is crafted from silky looking crepe material. I love the long black tulle sleeves with nude lining and the unique peplum cut, but what is really outstanding is the jacquard panel on the middle front. The top is easy to wear as there is a back zip closure. I love the mermaid cut maxi skirt too. Surprisingly, even though I bought size S, this dress was a bit too loose for me so it was another reason for me to wear my favorute gold plated belt.

Plus, it's a good way to control my eating since there was too much good food around especially on the first day. It is sunnah to stop eating before we are full anyways. So, the belt is definitely a good thing for BIG-eaters like me. Slowly, but surely.

I've recently worn the same colour theme of black and gold in an earlier post: Timeless Classic : Nearing Eid Nostalgia. Black, I'll be loving for awhile.


emel by Melinda Looi Duchess Satin Peplum Kurung with Jacquard Bodice in Black from Fashion Valet
Scarf I got in June 2012  from Madinah during my umrah trip  
Gold bangle from my late grandmother, Arwah Opah
Gold Plated Belt from A/X
Black & Gold Bag from Ted Baker

Photos by @kneok

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  1. hi nadia,
    i like the way u wear this black shawl, can u upload hijab tutorial like this style? thanks