New Snapshots : Old School Vintage

12:19:00 AM

I was browsing through my old posts and looking at the labels in my blog when I found some old posts talking about date nights with Khubs. Purple Reign , Hajime and Date with the Black Swans. Time really does fly. All of that seems like it was ages ago (Well, technically it is, but...). It's also a bit weird reading what I wrote back then. Funny too.

I'm in Ipoh now, at my grandfather's place. I am feeling nostalgic here, memories of my late grandmother came flooding in. I surprised my grandfather by coming here without telling him. He had the hugest grin on his face when I came in unannounced. We took him outdoors and he had a good appetite eating dinner. He's now fast asleep, but before he retired to his room he looked at me and gave me another huge smile :) So thought of writing this post.

The pictures in this post were taken from my new camera :) We were just testing out the different functions of the camera on after our movie date. We watched Wolverine and had dinner at Carlos. I had the sizzling lamb which was so yummylicious. The nachos there is a favourite of mine too. The last time I was in this area was when I posted about Galaxy Maxi: Rediscovering. 

I wore a vintage geometrical bag I found in my mum's closet (as usual). Wheee. Love it. It's Bally but old school. Real old school. I also wore my cuzzie Zara's bracelet from Juicy Couture. She lent it to me but I loved it so much that I wanted to buy it from her but she's not letting me! *sigh*

New camera, I'm in love :) I'm still trying to get the hang of it and trying to learn the functions. Together with @kneok of course. 

Hope you are enjoying your holidays. Have a blessed Eid.


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