Raya on Fire 2013 : Abstract Galactic Bowling with Cousins

11:08:00 PM

I'm in love with this abstract galaxy print peplum skirt! I know, I know, I have a thing for Galaxy prints (read: Look Post : Galaxy Maxi : Rediscovering 2)!

On one lazy, relaxing day, I wore a simple neutral coloured top, but only because this statement piece of a skirt was enough to stand out on its own. Love the vibrant and colourful abstract splash on smooth satin silk. Went out for a date with the husband to watch the movie, Pacific Rim on Saturday, 10th August 2013. Robots and Monsters. Galaxy skirts are more interesting!

I got this Carina Skirt from the limited edition collection  of INNAI RED x FV at Fashion Valet. 

I think its quite versatile too as I already have in mind how to wear it as an evening wear. But sadly, you can't wear this skirt to go bowling :( After the movie, my husband's cousins had an impromptu bowling session and I was the only one who couldn't play with them because I was wearing the skirt!! Yeah that was the official excuse because I really suck at bowling, so wearing the skirt was a good reason not to play too :p. But don't worry cuzzies, I will start to practise for next year's Eid bowling session! 


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  1. pretty outfit and nice pose!