Adventurous Search of the Gold Plated Belt with my Cousin

6:26:00 PM

We cool like that yo.
Putri Azalea Ramli cuzzie

I was searching for my Knot Me Knot belt that I wore in Lazy Sunday to compliment my look but I couldn't find it. I remember my Kakak screamed when she saw the belt in a paper bag because she thought it was a snake! Having said that, I knew what would compliment my look even better: a Gold Belt!

I've been wanting a gold belt for quite a while. I even mentioned it in my blog post KLFW RTW 2013.

So, I went out to buy a gold belt on the day I went to the Launch of E I L I Y A. Found one at Kate Spade but it was leather and not gold plated metal. I'm not going to share where I finally got it from because it was so hard for me to look for it!! Haha. I looked for it everywhere! I'll give you a hint though: I got it at KLCC :p

The material is solid and the finishing is super. Ever since I bought the belt I've worn it every day and I am not exaggerating. My new found love. Hehe.

Had an adventurous time running here and there with @kneok looking for the belt in less than 1 hour. After the show, Cho Azalea and myself went again to the same shop so that she could buy it too. We chilled and had fun chilling and laughing away while @kneok took our photos at the coffee shop. It's been awhile since we last lepak-ed. The last time we went to a shopping mall together was years ago and it was a nostalgic coincidence that we went to the very same store too.

The dress? It's something that I found back in 2011 (see I Love It On The Table). An old-ish dress which I still very much love.

Oh yes, I am the type of the person that when I like a piece of clothing or accessory, I don't mind wearing it again and again and again. I'm not ashamed to use things a thousand times. Just like food, I can order the same thing over and over again from the same restaurant every time I'm there.

Enough about food! Hope your Ramdhan has been awesome so far and Selamat Berbuka Puasa! :)


 photo 3IMG_3761a.jpg

 photo 4chomeklcc2.jpg

 photo 5chomeklcc.jpg

 photo 9IMG_3770a.jpg

 photo 10IMG_3771a.jpg

 photo 6IMG_3777b.jpg

 photo 7IMG_3687a.jpg

 photo 8IMG_3773a.jpg

What I Wore: 
  Heels from Charles & Keith
Handbag is a gift 
PariPari Shawl at ilovetudung
My new favourite gold plated belt  
What Cho Wore:
Top from Bershka
Jeans from Rock & Republic 
Photos by @kneok

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  1. you always look effortlessly beautiful kak nadia !MasyaAllah. I love your style. really simple but classy at the same time !

  2. ZAZA Apparels Manufacturer Sdn BhdJuly 28, 2023 at 1:32 PM

    Cantik Sabrina and Cho. I want the brlt too.

  3. Armani exchange belt is it

  4. Its DVF??please correct me if am wrong ur of ur silent reader but not silent write more..tq n selamat berpuasa n nxt week selamat hari raya to u n family

  5. Do you have a post about skincare/makeup product you're using? If you don't I really think you should do one. :)

  6. Your belt sgt cantik *cried*