Feature in the May Issue of Nona Magazine: Mother's Day Edition

2:05:00 PM

I know its a bit late but I've been meaning to share this on here.

Thank you Nona magazine for featuring me in their Mother's Day Edition for the month of May. I was interviewed on being a mother for the first time on Mother's Day, my career as a practising lawyer, my lifestyle, background and also a little bit about fashion and my blog in a 6-page thread. Humbled by their well-crafted words.

Do check it out.

I wore shawls from ILoveTudung and clothes from Pu3 Designs for the shoot.

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  1. Salam,mak had bought this magazine. Lama tak jumpa Kak Cho,How's your baby. Mak kirim salam..

    1. Salam Nabila. Kirim salam kat Umi. Anak Kak Cho Putri Jibrael Zumirrah meninggal dunia 14 Januari 2013 haritu, 12 jam selepas Kak Cho lahirkan dia through emergency c-section. Allah lebih sayang dia.

  2. you look awesome dear..really admiring you..please tabah menghadapi dugaan yg Allah S.W.T berikan..ada yg terbaik Allah sediakan utk kamu..:)

  3. u are really great sis...

  4. Mashallah! I would love to be in a magazine!