Beautiful ladies styling the Pari Pari Style

7:20:00 PM

Peace be upon all of you. :)

This is a follow up to my earlier post Hijab Tutorial 2 : Updated Pari Pari Style (click to see). As I keep repeating, the Pari Pari style is very versatile. It's suitable for every face shape.

So today, I thought I'd do something a bit different and share some pictures of beautiful ladies who wear it Pari Pari style! Thank you ladies for sharing with me your beautiful pictures and allowing me to share them here. Much love and light to all of you beautiful souls.
You can see that some of these girls have their own styles as well. I hope this would help everyone who have maybe been too shy to give this style a try more confidence to wear it. Don't be. :)

Beauty is subjective. The outward being does not determine what is in our hearts. Let us strive to be beautiful in and out only for His sake. I end this post with this Prayer, to He who listens and understands our innermost desires and thoughts: 

May God purify our hearts and cleanse our soul to realize the Ultimate goal in life. 
May we all be among the people of understanding.  
May God beautify our characters just as He beautifies our souls and our physical beings. 
May we be determined to do every single thing for His sake and His pleasure. 
May He purify our intentions to do every single thing for the purpose of seeking His Love. 
May we all be guided to be better slaves to Him. 
May God grant us the strength to remain consistent. 

Amin ya rabbal 'alamin.

Erny Yusmiarty
@ernyyusmiarty on IG

Sheera Ramly 
@sheeraramly on IG

Shai Ezani
@nekopachi on IG

Wan Muna Amirah
@wmuna11 on IG

Aadela Melati
@aadelamelati on IG

Waheeda Zaidy
@wwyda on IG

Norleen Noordin
@norleennoordin on IG

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  1. tried and succeeded! tx breen! :)