Expect the Unexpected III : The Training at the Hospital

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A continuation of my previous posts:-
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Expect the Unexpected. The Training at the Hospital

Being pregnant. Becoming a mother. Staying at the hospital for 78 days and then losing my baby. 

It was unexpected but it all turned out to be another life-changing experience. I had another life-changing experience when I went for Umrah when I finally understood the meaning of True Love  (see Part 1 : Unworthy Me). I realized in the hospital that the Umrah trip actually prepared me for my unexpected long-stay at the hospital.

Before my recent hospitalization, not many people would know that I was actually warded in the hospital for more than a month in 2 different hospitals in July 2010. I was hospitalized two weeks before, during and a month after my wedding (see Wedding Photos & Videos 1). I was granted special permission to leave the hospital just to attend my solemnization and wedding ceremonies, before being re-admitted. However, it was different back then. I lacked the wisdom. I failed to see it as a test from Him. I didn't accept what happened to me. I didn’t turn to Him.

That is why I am glad that I went for my Umrah before my recent hospitalization. I found myself much more calmer and more accepting of my situation. That was needed as I was hospitalized for a much longer period this time. Valuable experience and training indeed. Suddenly, I realize that I see things from a different perspective now. Not a different perspective from everyone else, but a different perspective from my own previous self, just over two years ago. I wouldn't have expected it.

He taught me, He tutored me, He guided me. Yet He never left me. He was always with me. He gave me the strength to survive and to fight negativity. He changed me. He surrounded me with family and true friends who cared and who loved me tremendously. He made it easier for me to face my challenges by reminding me that He is always with me eventhough to everyone else it might seem hard. I felt undeserving of His blessings and His love that I felt so strongly.

All praises to God for the valuable lesson of showing me the true reality of this temporary life. I am truly blessed. To be calm when accepting unexpected news, good or bad. That is a lesson which I received, but is much easier said than done. 

To be continued...

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