Jibrael : The Journey Continues

9:25:00 AM

This is a follow up to my previous post [ Patience, Perseverance, Relief of Mothers (P.P.R.o.M) ] on my story of the first steps, struggles & fights of becoming a mother to one of God’s greatest miracle Putri Jibrael Zumirrah. My sweet angel, my little princess.

What I can say is that many things has happened since then. Beautiful moments to be cherished till the end of time. I wish to keep this post very short. I will try to share my feelings, emotions, and details of what happened before, during and after in another post, God willing.

Someone told me that since my water broke very early in my pregnancy (when I was roughly four months’ pregnant), in a way I have been in prolonged labour ever since. I have had contractions and bleeding at different times throughout my lengthy hospital stay. At around 5 p.m. on 13th January 2013, I felt contractions stronger than any other contractions I’ve felt before. Contractions I could no longer ignore. I tried, but the contractions grew stronger and stronger and at around 8.30 p.m. I finally told the doctors. The doctors monitored me and decided that I had to undergo an emergency c-section at 3.40am.

I gave birth to my daughter on 14th January 2013, at 4.17 a.m.

She came out of my tummy beautifully. The delivery was wonderful. Peaceful, serene, calm. Just as I prayed for. Even better. God always knows best. It is the most amazing moment in my life and will forever be etched in my heart and mind. I remember every single detail vividly but it is just too beautiful an experience to describe. All Praises to the Most Merciful, the Giver, the Most Generous.

She fought and battled hard for life for 12 hours without oxygen as her lungs were not fully developed. For the past 80 days preceding her birth, she fought hard to stay inside my tummy. She never stopped fighting until the end, with the will of the Creator. Now, she is finally able to rest in peace. God loves our child more than us and took her with Him. Allah lebih sayangkan dia....

It has been an amazing journey for us. For me, for my husband, my family. A deep physical, mental, spiritual, humbling and emotional journey together with our daughter, Putri Jibrael Zumirrah. She was very much a part of that amazing journey. She was the spark. She was the medium of inspiration through which God chose for us. Chose to bless us with.

And now we must continue our journey to meet her again in heaven, Insya Allah.

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  1. ;')

  2. fighting!!

  3. I'll pray for an easier pregnancy experience for you in the future dear, in shaa Allah. He listens and I'm sure this will be a start for another great journey for you. Hugs!

  4. Allahu Akbar.. Allah knows best. Best strong, Nadia. My prayers and duas are with you..

  5. Just visited your blog again and read your writing. Subhanallah for your fighting and patience. Salute to you, sister. May Allah will gather you and your daughter in heaven, insya Allah. I myself is now pregnant and just knew about knowledge you shared, thank you. Keep your faith always, Allah is always with u and family. :)

  6. InsyaAllah kakak, ameen!

    Such a bless, wonderful experience, beautiful memories to be remembered. May Allah strengthen you!

    Love, As