My Advanced Birthday Treat

9:30:00 PM

Way before my birthday, my close girl friends and husband organized a small dinner to celebrate my birthday in advance. I went out that night, thinking I was going to just have a quiet dinner with my husband. He told me he was taking me out for dinner because it has been a long while since we went out for dinner together because of our work.

When we reached Alexis, I was really surprised to see my friends and cousins waiting for me. Since it was quite early, I didn't even know what the occasion was and embarrassingly asked them what they were doing there. Then I was told that they were there to celebrate my birthday! No wonder my husband asked me to dress nicely. He chose what I wore that day. Hmmm~~

We had a chilled out dinner and it was fun and quite loud... They treated me to a very nice birthday meal and the rib-eye steak that I ordered was quite the BOMB. It was lovely. Thanks guys. :D Dinner ended pretty early, because I was under the impression that we were supposed to go for a movie afterwards. But I got a little bit suspicious because on the way to the Gardens, I saw Hasanah's car in front of us heading towards the same direction. Haha, but I thought they were just going to join us for the movie. Turns out they were there to hold a karaoke session for me. Most of my high school friends love singing just like me and it has been so long since we last went to sing together. In fact, I can't even remember when was the last time we sung together for karaoke (Performing for weddings not included). So it was lots of great fun singing our hearts out and we started laughing uncontrollably when Sarah's room-mate in Russia, Tasha brought along her Ipad and started recording our singing.

Thank you my lovely gurls for being there, for cheering me up, for plannig a surprise advanced birthday dinner way before the day itself.. It has been a while since we last got together for dinner and having a blast singing together like that! Love much ~~~!!!

Hasanah. Sarah. Fara cuz.

Coincidentally almost everyone wore splashes of bold colours. Me likey!
Coincidentally also, Hasanah and me wore the exact same headscarf from Pari-pari.
The last time we went to Bangsar Shopping Centre we wore that same headscarf coincidentally too.
Brrr -_- Hehe.

My scrumptious super-advanced birthday meal, the rib-eye steak. The BOMB I tell you.
Thank you guys for the birthday treat.
Good food = Happy me :D
My husband ate that pepperoni pizza all by himself. Haha.

When girls meet and we are done eating and talking this is what we do. :p


Tasha. Faralisa. Sarah. Alin

What I Wore:
Red jacket from Gallo
Dress from the Poplook
Scarf from Pari-pari

One for the album

The husband. :)
I didn't see the cake coming. It was from a Slice of Heaven. Red Velvet. Yums!

Childhood friend Miera Razali.

My Ruzana Ibrahim a.k.a Kimora Lee's twin
I can't believe I've known you since I was 7 years old.
That means we've known each other for 20 YEARS!!!

A still picture of one of the crazy iPad recordings.

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  1. Dear beautiful, happy birthday ~

  2. Happy birthday beautiful lady!!!
    yr outfit is wowwwwww

  3. Happy Bornday Pretty :D

  4. Happy Birthday!! :)

  5. i'm sooo curious on how you put your hijab on. can you share it with us?? you are so lovely. btw, happy birthday sis <3

  6. hi, i love your style. i see that you have 'effortless' make up style. any tips for a beginner like me?thanks.

  7. happy birthdaaaaaay!!! do u mind sharing, where do u get the headscarf from pari-pari ni? :))

  8. salam sis.. I was wondering if it is possible for you to video how to wear the tudung style you are wearing.. its very nice and simple.. =))

  9. do you have the tutorial on how u style ur shawl? i really love it!

  10. Aida The Pink GoddessDecember 9, 2023 at 9:20 AM

    hi sabrina i superlove ur blog, anyways, of u dont mind, what's the color of ur contact lense u wear here?

    if it's ur real eye-color, sorry for asking.. hehe

  11. Please do the tutorial on how you wear your shawl dear beautiful sister. Thanks a lot <3

  12. happy belated birthday! u;re so pretty:D

    i found this website while watching MHI this morning. Lukisan orang Penan. miss your writings, Nina. Have a nice day, Tuan Lawyer

  14. as salam sy ter jmpe blog ini selepas mencari idea untk bufday suprice untk isteri akan tetapi sy perasan 1 gambar yg amat2 x sesuai, bersangka baik myb xprasan, gmbr sepupu kmu baju nya amat jarang saya harap blh ambk tindakan..