I Love It.... On The Table

12:20:00 AM

Last week, my best buddies Shai and Shima Adrina (Shimbad) invited me out for dinner. Since they knew how caught up I am in my work, they told me that they'd drop by and we'll have dinner somewhere near my office. They weren't in the mood for Japanese so they suggested dinner at On The Table Solaris Dutamas, Chef Riz Redz's restaurant (the son of Malaysian Celebrity Chef, Chef Wan). I went there straight after work.. and was surprised to see not just Shai and Shimbad there, but also my other gurl friends and their partners Arziril, Hafiz and Izzwan were there to throw a belated birthday dinner for me! Fuzzlyn, Sarah and Shereen Nisa were there too. Oh, Shai also gave me two lovely balloons within one big balloon! It was very unique and I don't know how they did it. It was so pretty. :)

Unfortunately, I forgot to bring my camera battery with me that night =((( My husband went off to Chiang Mai for his company trip and he put the camera battery elsewhere. Absentmindedly, I went to work that day without the battery and I couldn't take any pictures that night. And amazingly NO ONE ELSE brought their cameras as well. It was such a strange coincidence, I tell you. So all pictures here are taken from Hafiz's iPhone's camera. Boo~~~~ Tapi thanx Hafiz for saving the day with your phone and credits to Shai for the editing and uploading the pics so fast (hehehe, yes, yes I know how it feels now~~)

Anyway, On The Table was a real culinary delight. Seriously. We sat at a long table for 9 people. There wasn't a huge number of patrons that day. We pretty much had the license to do what we wanted in the restaurant and could afford to let loose and be loud. Everything we tried there was delicious. I had a bit of what everyone ordered and I loved all the dishes there. I ordered the rack of lamb with mashed potatoes etc and it was amazing! Thank you for treating me lovelies <3

Apart from the rack of lamb, I would seriously suggest their Cappucino of Wild Mushroom. The soup was drop-dead scrumptious and it had foam in it. I don't know how to explain it but it was really good. Next-up came the main course and everyone ordered different things (which I got to try hehe) which were excellent. I would also recommend their spaghetti Boscaiola and their local dishes too. Sorry, I can't remember their names and no pictures were taken of the other food.. I might have to go there again to try them.

When it came to dessert, the waiters came out and all of them sang happy birthday.. but instead of a cake, I was served with a sampling of their signature desserts.. The Pina Cotta, Creme Brulee together with Chocolate Mousse and Chocolate Fondant together with Ice Cream. The desserts were out of this world okay! We were all fighting for more of the desserts. The Chocolate Fondant is simply the best, all hot and gooey inside. Really, really loved it. And I want it all to myself next time (heh heh heh).

Thanks girls for a wonderful gastronomical delight that night and I really loved the company. I'm still a little sad because I didn't have my camera with me.. but I guess it all turned out well in the end.. because good food and good company makes me a happy girl =)

Oh... I wore the same dress that I wore when I had my belated birthday dinner with my family and I blogged about the 1.11.11 of it here.

Til my next post~

This is what I wore... Again.

Guess who, and guess what they ordered
My main course: The gorgeous Rack of Lamb which was A-Mayh-ZING!

Some of the other dishes my friends ordered

Bon Appetit

The must-have dessert.. for sharing (nooooooo~~) haha..
it was quite fun sharing (more like fighting over the portions) with the girls and guys.

Yumayh.. Tastes even better than it looks okay
Successfully cleared the dessert with the help of my friends in record time!
Had lots of fun and laughter with the girls.

<3 the pics with my girls

Crazy pics time~
Shai came up with lots of ideas to take pictures. According to them, my husband told her to take lots of pics while he was away. Haha.

<3 <3 <3

More poses. Haha

<3 Shai

I love this picture. A wonderful end to a wonderful night!

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  1. yez, u iz correct. next time i pun DOWAN to share the chef's dessert....and mushroom cappucino (u can tell kan masa tibe the guy bring out the bowls to share, my face was like.....siapa cakap nak share....hahaha pandai sarah order another one :)

  2. you are looking great!!
    love it!!

    hugs from holland


  3. Your skin looks amazing! You should do a post on your skincare products/routine. Puhleasssseee....

  4. kakakkk =D happy belated birthday! hehe. love de dress! (browse thru poplook, tp tak nampak pon.. =( )

    nways, so happy that u enjoyed your trippple birthday celebrations, despite being ill n so caught up with work and all.

    May Allah grant your wishes, mantapi iman and stay lovely!

    (oh, takleh dah nak letak my url, sbb friendster deleted my blog, my ONLY blog, de one archive dat i treasured most, yang dah start since matriculation dengan aktifnye, tapi dah kene delete dengan senang hatinya oleh mereka.)saje nak bgtau sbb u mesti faham sbb penat2 tulis tapi kene delete without consent kan?? =s

    love u loadsssss!!!!

  5. i love you r hijab style1 bley ajar mcm mane? =)

  6. Happy belated birthday Nadia. You ni always pretty!

  7. Can u give a tutorial on how u wear ur scarf..thx..

  8. salam. :)
    i am also wondering how u wear ur hijab.
    and yes, you are absolutely stunning. :)

  9. dear i i just found ur blog, yes totally agreed with others can u teach how to wearing ur hijab and what skincare did u used bcoz ur skin look healthy :)

    love from izza melaka

  10. meleleh tgk lamb tu:)

  11. happy belated bday dear ..anyway you so beautiful! <3

  12. Salam,sis.. i love the way you wear your shawl.and I still wonder how you wear this style.I'm not the one who knows about styling but i admire your styling very very muucchhh ..would mind to share about this style? pleasee

  13. lovely dress ! :)


  14. I love your dress! You look pretty! I enjoyed looking at your photos!

    xx lovefashion - clozette.com

  15. Modern-day modestMay 10, 2023 at 2:17 AM

    Love ur blog! Can't wait to visit Malaysia soon!

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