Flashback: One Step Closer 27.02.2024

9:30:00 PM

A quickie post. I know some of you will consider this as cheating, but I've been wanting to blog about so many things but I really haven't had the time to. I've been wanting to share this video for a long time, so I guess I'll do it now before I put it off and forget to do so, again. Also because I'm pressed for time. I'm just taking a quick breather before I continue with my work.

I really love this video because my family members and almost all of my closest friends were there to celebrate the emotional and joyous occasion. I felt really loved. Do forgive my appearance towards the end of the video.. There was a hijab malfunction and no one told me. But all in all, it was a very happy day. Credits also to Beehunt Studios (on facebook). It was their first engagement shoot and I think they did a good job.

For photos on the engagement you can click here.


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  1. suka :)

  2. love ur blog! keep posting