Reflections of Raya 2010: 3

7:18:00 AM

After a month of fasting, one of the best parts of Raya is of course, the open houses! I truly look forward to the open houses because that is the time where we get to be in the company of our dearest relatives and friends who we haven't seen in a while. Last year was no different. And not to mention the FOOD. The array of kuih raya (cookies) and the food spread inclusive of the obligatory rendang and lemang/ketupat.. *drools*

I was invited to Hudaa's open house last year, and that only means one thing: Hudaa's famous BAKSO. Seriously it is to die for. All of her friends know that come Raya, that is one of the few must-haves. Hudaa, Lisa and Zaza are close friends who all have something in common: Brains with Beauty (I'm sure you will agree with me). Now, I don't get to meet with them often, so it's nice to just get to really sit down and catch up with them, regardless of the fact that we'll be sweating while enjoying the extra hot bakso and going back for seconds (and thirds and forth serving). Hihih. :)

At Noorul-Hudaa's with Zaznuriah @ Zaza and Lisa Surihani :)

Great company. So beautiful these three ladies. <3 oh, that's the picture of the addictive bakso
Spotted : Hudaa's cat lazing around.

Last year was also the first time in a long while I got to properly spend raya with my sistahh Sarah Rusli. She was in Russia studying medicine for the past 6 years and she rarely comes back during raya. She came back for my engagement though (Hehe). That probably gives an idea of how close we are =p I'd do the same, if she was getting engaged in Russia. Her open house was held all day long and I ended up spending hours there just chilling. Her place overlooks KLCC and the city, which was quite peaceful and tranquil. You know that the only time Kuala Lumpur can ever be called peaceful is during raya when everyone heads back to their hometowns. Took a lot of zany pictures with my fellow mental institution mate Ruzana, Shai and Shimbad. Well what can I say? Too much rendang, ketupat, kuih kacang and satay makes you mentally unstable! Lol.

Me and my nuthouse inmates Ruzana Ibrahim and Sarah Rusli at sarah's little garden (still pretending to be sane here)

silver lining :)
by the airy rooftop pool

With Sarah and the city skyline <3 <3

I know you're wondering... Don't say I didn't warn you! Crazyness sistahsss <3

With Shairil Ezani and Shima Adrina @ Shimbad. Had hours of fun with these girls although Ruzana had to leave early. Love them to bits :)

I love looking at these pictures. Stay tuned for more :)

(Continuation of Part 1 and Part 2)

Till my next post. :)

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  1. I love your kaftan!

  2. oh my..i like u so comelll..=)

  3. i love your fashion sense! <3

  4. gorgeous sgt semua ;D

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  6. salam sis,tumpang tanya kat mana u beli anak tudung colour fuschia tu?yg ada manik2 tu??cantik la..please ea bg tahu:)

  7. cantik sagt2

  8. love the kaftan...hmm i wish could meet Lisa ;(((

  9. salaam sis, pls share where u get ur caftan. really love it!