Reflections of Raya 2010: 2

10:06:00 PM

This is a continuation from Reflections of Raya 2010 :1. On the second day of Eid last year, I visited my Tok in Perak. We stayed the night before going to Penang. We spent a few days in Penang, visiting all sorts of attractions such as the butterfly farm, the jetties, the beach and much much more. I love Penang. The island, the place, and the FOOD! Oh yes. (Penang posts click here). Pictures below!

Some of my many many cousins. Ika, Amy & Ira.
My handsome Tok <3

Lovely Yam Durian and Pandan Ice-Cream in a bread.. YAMmeyhhhh (ok, ok lame)

My cousin Ika <3

Beaded headband from Pu3. Love it. Wore it again & again.

Penang's butterfly Farm.

Fooling around
Jettisoned at the Jetty. The clear blue sky is just bliss :)
Having a lovely dinner by the sea

Til my next post!

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  1. love ur baju kurung!

  2. Breen, i love your scarves! cantik sangat ;))

  3. apa pun yg u pakai so nice lah =)

  4. Beaded headband from much ya?still available @ Pu3 ke tak ya...looks totally different from others