Reflections of Raya 2010: 1

9:50:00 PM

Since we're already in the fasting month, I just realized that amongst my many neglected and yet-to-be-uploaded posts was supposed to be about my Raya (Eid Al-Fitr) last year which I haven't gotten round to do. So in an attempt to get it done(!) I'm going to just quickly share some pictures with you guys.

Last Raya was the first Raya I spent as a wife to my husband, and I experienced for the first time having to divide Raya between families. I suppose it was made easier because both of our families lived in KL, but on the second day of Raya, I went to Perak to visit my Tok before going of on a short family trip to Penang which you can read more about The Little Gems of Penang, Travelled Streets of Penang, Imperfections Are Beauteous and From Penang to Perak :)

For last year, I wore mostly last-minute-buys cotton baju kurung from Ampang Park. I bought my baju kurungs from Ampang Park literally the day before Raya, and I love cotton baju kurungs because it is fuss-free, very light and breathable to wear during the hot days here in Malaysia. <3

The Night Before Raya:

My cousins were playing with Fire Crackers in the background

Wacky & Loved Cousins

First Day of Eidul Fitr with my Husband :

Grey and Blue. Laced headband made with love by my aunty of Pu3.

Mi Familia Terchinta at Mi Casa <3

With my Mum

Second Day of Eid:

What I wore :
The Beaded headband : Pu3
Geometrical Purple Shades Vintage Handbag : Saxone Vermont
Raspberry Mix Shawl : Debutante Avenue

Off to Perak . I just love to look at nature when on a road trip :)

With my lovely cousins Zara and Fara. Okay some of the photos are a bit POYO i must say :p

Found an old picture of me and my cousins when we were small. Guess which one is me?

Jazzing Up Tradition

My beloved Atok <3

With some of my little, hyperactive cousins. I have about 30 cousins on my mother's side alone.

I will continue with the other posts, but I don't intend to write a lot, mostly it will only be pictures in the other posts =)

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  1. gosh,
    you so really cute in purple.
    like a teenager.haha.
    your face looks younger than your age!
    'awet mude'

    like your outfit!

  2. Baju polka dot paling cantik. Simple tapi still look sweet. eh, Nora Danish cousin you? Kirim salam. haha

  3. sabrinaaa why are you so cuteeee aaaaa geramnyeeee!
    look great in the polkadot kurungs! ;)

  4. hey you. first time baca blog terus jatuh chentaa sbb u cantikk and gambar2 sumee cantik.

    btw, u pakai lipstick apa? sbb nmpk naturaal sangaaat! heee thanks for sharing :)