Meat Meet : Izan's Surprise

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Hello dear readers. Some of you might have arrived at your hometown or are preparing for raya tomorrow. Me? I'm on the road, on my way to visit my grandfather and meet up with my relatives in Perak. My husband is driving at a leisurely pace. Especially because it's quite scary that there has already been a reported 78 fatalities on the road in just four days! (Got that from yesterday's New Sunday Times, front page). Please stay safe everyone.
Anyway, since it's a quite slow and long ride, I've decided to blog while singing along to songs in the car on shuffle :)
Some time in July, i met up with my friends at Meatworks Solaris Mont Kiara. These friends are my ex-colleagues from the previous firm that I chambered in and practiced at. Most of them are no longer there so it's harder to meet up as everyone works at different places as of now. However, we keep in touch with everyone via email and make it a point to meet up and plan a gathering every other month or so. Keeping up by email with these guys means that every single topic will run up to 'hundreds' of emails. Even if sometimes I get too busy to reply to the emails, I will always read the emails at the end of the day because these guys are very funny in a weird and crazy way. I love them! They were the reason why working there was so fun and enjoyable.

After several aborted meet-ups, finally we get to agree on a date which fell on Izan's birthday on the 15th of July 2011. Izan was one of my chambering mates who is like an elder brother that I never had. He is one of the few people that you meet who is very kindhearted, always smiling even though through rough times and trustworthy. I don't have many guy friends but Izan is definitely one of the very few that I am really close to. We grew very close and we were inseperable during the gruelling yet invaluable chambering/pupillage period together with Christina and Joanna (blogged about Joanna in Gold to Sweep Away the Sorrows)
Anyway, what happened on that day was, eventhough it was Izan's birthday, he didn't expect us to actually celebrate it. Christina and Shah bought a cake for all of us to surprise him after we ate our delicious yet extremely filling meal. I must say that the ribs at Meatworks are really good. It is comparable to the ones at Tony Roma's.
It turned out that Izan was actually surprised! I had a good time catching up with the guys. We had so much fun that we didn't realize that we stayed well pass the shop's closing hours. The waiters were very polite not to ask us to leave but we got the hint when all the other tables outside the shop were cleared up and lifted in.
We decided to continue chit-chatting at a mamak nearby. The most hotly discussed topic at the mamak was about the Obedient Wives Club and polygamy. We were debating about it. More often than not, when lawyers meet we argue. It's all about agreeing to disagree but not before debating it to death! The fun thing about this group of friends is that you just know that in the middle of a serious discussion someone will crack a joke, intentionally or unintentionally. I had a good time :) More posts on good food and good company will follow suit.

Till my next post!

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