Safiyya TV9 : The awkward baku Interview

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On the 1st of July, 2011, I was interviewed on my career and other interests on tv9 for a program called Safiyya. They interviewed me at my office. I was quite nervous (to put it mildly) when the interviewer told me that the interview will be in Malay. Of course, I speak Malay, but I realize that I have a habit of mixing Malay and English without realizing it. But when I was asked to speak Malay, I felt very self conscious. I felt that my Malay was not baku (formal Malay) enough (I'm sure you get what I mean right? Right?) and not TV material enough. I was really nervous (understatement of the year) and I think in my efforts to try and speak proper Malay I may have overcompensated and couldn't speak like I normally would! erk.

With the interviewer, Syafin :)
The funny thing is, we didn't really warm up and went straight to do the interview. To be fair, it was my fault because I said I was ready for the interview ( I SO WASN'T!) So it was only after the interview, I had lunch with the sweet and friendly interviewer Syafin and the crew. We started chatting about everything under the sun including but not limited to the legal profession, fashion, arts and many, many more topics. We talked a lot and it was only then I became comfortable with Syafin & her crew and really loosened up. Oh, how I wished the interview was after we had actually warmed up and calmed my nerves. :p A little too late, but what to do, eh?

BTW, I was told that it might be shown in today's show at 6pm. The interview itself wasn't very long, and I think with all the editing (they must have edited LOTS), it'll probably just show around 2-3 minutes. Even some of my office colleagues made a cameo (they had to act! like they were in a meeting, which was an actual discussion hahaha) so look out for them too! Promise not to laugh at me?

Okay, go ahead and laugh anyway! Brrrrrrr...

Edit : Click here to watch the interview. :D

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  1. alamak dah terlepas safiyya harini! sabrina mesti cute dlm tv, no worries. haha :p

  2. sis!! i seen you at totally cute and adorable ^-^

  3. yep!!!but mybe u neves and u not comfortable speak in oke, people didnt realise dat sebab u lawyer yang comel la... =D

  4. watched them..awesome much kay! :)
    i wanted to be a lawyer someday and you inspire me ya know ! thankyou :)

  5. yang, watched it on tonton since i missed it yesterday. and i think it was all right. maybe your close ones can tell you dont usually speaks baku malay, but overall i think it was a good interview love. am so very proud of you. and also now i've got a picture of your work place and your workmates. happy fasting love, see you soon! xx