Yogyakarta with Love 1 : Parangtritis Beach

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I just got back from Jogja. How was it? It was SPECTACULAR! We loved the place so much that both me and my husband felt like we did not want to leave. We felt that our stay was too short and there were just too many more things to see there. Honestly, it was perfect. I couldn't imagine my honeymoon to be at any other place. Well done Khubby! (He planned everything since before we were supposed to go in July 2010). It was worth all the wait and extended delays to finally get here. We just left everything behind in Kuala Lumpur and enjoyed exploring various parts of Jogja and digging up the rich and glorious culture and art there. The trip really opened our hearts, souls and minds. Jogja and the whole experience was, for me, incredibly romantic as well as spiritually absorbing (You can read my longing to go to Jogja in '10 months ago').

There are just too many stories to share about my incredible discovery of Jogja and (you may be able to guess) too many photos that we took there to sum it all up in one post. So, I am going to post in several parts the things I love most about Jogja.

First up, Parangtritis Beach. Situated in Southern Jogjakarta, we were told that this is a must visit in Jogja. It was quite weird, because the first thing we were told was that no one was allowed to swim in the sea as the waves are deadly. Parangtritis beach is rich in folklore because it was the home of the Queen of the South Sea, "Kanjeng Ratu Kidul". The driver explained the story of her legend on the way. We were warned not to go there wearing green because it was the Queen's colour (and the Queen will seduce you to join her in the sea) so I opted for yellow instead. We were soon to find out exactly why Parangtritis is a must visit :)

We went for the (quite) long journey to Parangtritis after visiting the Prambanan Temples and Kota Gede. Just before arriving at Parangtritis, our chauffeur (mas supir) took a detour and brought us to a long stretch of (largely) a deserted road and we stopped by a desert-like spot. We were told by mas supir that usually in August and September the area would be so dry and full of sand that there would be no greens at all and people go there to have desert-like photoshoots! The place was called sand-doon (or something like that) and true enough, when we reached there there was a photo crew shooting pictures of a model!

As we arrived at the beach, the guide told us that although the beach is popular with locals and tourists, there are certain spots which was the most beautiful and serene. Trouble is, it'd take us about 30 minutes of walking to get there! We did a lot of walking already that morning at Prambanan and we were pressed for time before the sunset. Luckily at the beach, they offered transport services: we had the option to choose whether to take the ATV or the horse-cart to get there. So what did I choose? The horse-cart of course!

I am the kind of person who likes to watch the morning sky while I am in the car on my way to work or watch the moon light in the sky while I am on my way back from the office. Oh yes. But, nothing, and I mean nothing, beats the feeling of being on a horse-cart ride on the beach as we moved away from the huge crowd to the secluded area of the beach, accompanied by nothing but the sounds of the waves and the horse gallops. The winds of the sea was blowing ilir-ilir gently on my face and body, and the sparkles of blowing sand occasionally smacking right on my face too. I loved the feeling of the gentle waves coasting between my feet. The sky, the sea, everything was serene and tranquil.

It was surreal. We did not get to spend as much time as we wanted to as it was already dark and the water has gone up when we were about to leave, but the short time that I get to spend there is enough for me to be reminded of how beautiful this world is and how blessed I am to be alive in this world. When I was there I was reminded of and quietly hummed the beautiful song by Maher Zain, Open Your Eyes.

'Look around yourselves
Can’t you see this wonder
Spreaded in front of you
The clouds floating by
The skies are clear and blue
Planets in the orbits
The moon and the sun
Such perfect harmony

Let’s start question in ourselves

Isn’t this proof enough for us
Or are we so blind
To push it all aside.. No..'

On the way back, our guide actually told us that Baron beach is more beautiful, due to its largely undiscovered nature. I don't know how that is even possible? Because of the time restriction, we didn't manage to explore the other 'spots' there at Parangtritis and we were also told that certain ceremonies people would be held there would be great to watch, so that is something I will have to go back there and explore.

Parangtritis actually felt like a slice of heaven on earth. I don't know how else to put it. Enjoy the pictures.
At the Sandoon
Our majestic (hehe) & romantic ride
Corals by the beach

Next up (in no particular order) my experiences I intend to share about Jogja:

-The majestic Prambanan Temples
-Silver and Batik factories at Kota Gede
-Food for the soul: Mocopat Syafaat with Emha Ainun Nadjib and Kiai Kanjeng
-The splendour of Borobudur
-Climbing the Abode of the Heavens, Dieng Plateau
-Visiting Museum Affandi, Jogja's most famous artist with Kartika Affandi
-Living at the foot of the Merapi Volcano Mountain
-Watching the open air Ramayana Ballet with the backdrop of Prambanan & the full moon
-The delicious food and colourful streets of Jogjakarta

It might take a while, but wait for it!

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  1. patunghujan a.k.a cik teruterubozuMay 22, 2023 at 4:20 PM

    serius suke gambar yg 1st tu, sanggggggggggggggatttttttttttttttt cantik. awesome

  2. sis..ur cameraman was awesome!he shoot da best!n u posed da best too!:)

  3. please, make tutorial how to wear hijab like yours

  4. macam Model shoot lah Breen.. It's so pretty. Who's the couple photographer? I always found it hard to snap pictures the both of us when we're traveling. If only there were a photographer to go with.

  5. I'm a new reader of your blog but I'm so loving your entries! :) May I know where you got the yellow dress from? :)

  6. nice view :) sgt.

  7. Ok JB can be my wedding photographer nanti. Using your camera. I chup ok. Gorgeous gorgeous pics, Kakcho!!!

  8. sgt cantikla dear...:)

  9. Wah! Nice! I cant wait to read the next lovely entries about Jogja :D

  10. AimieRifdi Abd HalimMay 23, 2023 at 2:59 PM

    hi dear~

    the first time that I saw u was at Muna amira's wedding~ :) & I was really2 attracted by ur beauty & sense of fashion~ u've got the complete package indeed dear~ :)

    Then while browsing through some other people's blog, i stumbled upon ur magnificent blog & straight away became ur follower~~ :)

    I am not so sure if u noticed me during that wedding, but here's my blog link: http://aimierifdiabdhalim.blogspot.com/

    p/s: I LOVE all ur pictures~ U are indeed Very beautiful~ :) * SubhanALLAH*

  11. Gunita Mustika HatiMay 23, 2023 at 5:26 PM

    how...Parangtritis-Jogja-from indonesia, my country :)

    u also so beautiful dear....

  12. pics are so pretty. pakai camera ape ek? :))

  13. nice pic la best nyer

  14. so pretty la you! =)

  15. Santeknye kakak!! MashaAllah~ .. Macam nak jumpe kak nadia in person la.. nak suruh tunjuk live how to pakai that kind of tudung.. lawa sangat sangat2.. :)), new followers that's gonna be your permanent resident here.. LOL :)00

  16. You're so pretty! I love love love your dress. Followed! x


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