Working out our Craniums

5:15:00 PM

Met up with a few friends of mine plus partners last Saturday night after meeting James of La Mode Outre. We had dinner at La Risata Damansara. It's an Italian restaurant and the food was simply, mamma mia~~.

For appetizers, we ordered the house specialty, zuppa di pesce. It is perfect for seafood lovers as its a 'huge serving of prawn, squid, mussel, clam & fish in a rich tomato sauce with garlic, chilli and parsley'. We ordered half portion and it was enough for all of us.

For main course, I ordered the Stinco D'Agnello, 'wood fired oven braised lamb shank in a rosemary sauce on a bed of mashed potato'.

Dessert was a problem. We ordered the Torta di Cioccolato, a flourless dark chocolate cake with a melting chocolate centre served with vanilla ice cream, but it was sold out. So we ordered tiramisu and it was sold out too. The place was packed and we were lucky Hasanah came early to get a table because it was really full house that night. Hasanah suggested La Risata solely because she wanted the flourless chocolate cake. I've tried it before at La Risata Ampang and yes it is very scrumptious. So we were disappointed when the dessert was sold out. In the end we ordered crema catalana napoletana and panettone bread and butter pudding. Nothing to shout about though.
Eima brought along this delicious cake

After dinner, we headed back to Hasanah's place for GAME NIGHT! When I was a little girl, I used to play all sorts of board games, you name it, I've played it: Sahibba, Saidina, Scrabble, Dam, Snake & Ladders, Up-words (do you guys remember that? the advanced version of Scrabble) Game of Life, Pictionary, Ouija and plenty more.

Cranium is a great party game and it's tag line "The game for your whole brain" is so true. I've played Cranium once before with Shai during Shai's berinai ceremony so I was very excited to play this game again. It's really one of the most entertaining games I've played so far. Basically, Cranium combines general knowledge questions with a little bit of Charades, Pictionary and other games although with a few twists. Imagine having to hum tunes for your team to guess the song; act as a puppeteer and 'move' your puppet team-mate; having to sculpt objects using play-doh; and so on, all in one game. This keeps the game interesting because the variety and randomness of the activities leaves you not knowing what you have to do next for each round.

Then we also have to literally act out characters in movies/tv series which was so hard. One of the things that I had to do was to sculpt 'heelys'.. I didn't even know what heelys was until one of the guys told me but it was so hard to sculpt it, although the boys had to sculpt a 'food processor'. Haha that one was a killer. We also had to draw events or items with our eyes closed.

The boys counting how many ribs they have to answer questions. Macam monkeys pun ada!

I didn't take many pictures because I was totally absorbed in the game. It was boys v girls that night and since everyone was pretty competitive, we wanted to win it! We didn't realize it was so late when we finished because everyone was so hyper and involved. It was great because everyone participated and no one was left out or felt bored. The game was made better with the great company.

I really would like to have my own Cranium, but I was told that they don't sell it here. I really really want it! Can't wait for the rematch! Grrrr...

Have you guys played Cranium? What's your favourite board games and any recommendations?

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  1. i love all those pictures. nampak macam 4 best friends happy with husbands. so sweeeetttt. Nadia, you ada attend art event kat Solaris? i nampak you dalam NST! :P

  2. omg husband wife night out.. <3

  3. sweet.

  4. Eesyaheera: Thank you, we had funnnn :) sometimes we have to find time to spend with friends even though everyone is busy. Anyway, yeah, I attended the launch of eclectic magnetic at RA Fine arts tapi belum sempat blog pasal tu lagi. A friend told me my friends and I were in NST yesterday hehe.

    tulus sweet & FaqeerSyada: Thanx. It wasn't intentionally a husband and wife night out but some people couldn't make it and just so happened to be like that :)

  5. babe,

    i love this post!!! we should do this again soon! and go to larisata just to have our flourless choc cake =D
    i'll see you tmrw love. xx

  6. Appreciate the recommendation. Will try it out.
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