Shereen & Hafeez : Part II

12:15:00 PM

What I loved most about Shereen's engagement was apart from its perfection, it was also extremely fun! The girls all had a good time before, during and especially after the engagement ceremony. Shereen had an idea to buy bubble-blowers (although her brother only bought three!!) and it was a great idea as our later pictures were filled with bubbles. Whatever nervousness Shereen felt disappeared as soon as she took pictures with us girls (I know because it was the same for me during my engagement) and credit to Hafeez for being very sporting. Enjoy the pictures!

We all ate a lot. Everyone were starting to leave and we were still at the table, eating away and snapping pictures. haha

Gorgeous engagement attire by Qudyn. More pix here .

Enchanted and having fun with bubbles like little kids.

Check out her official pictures by Afnan Omar . Enjoy the last picture by him! We were having so much fun and went a little wild and crazy, although this was after the guests had left of course.

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  1. Congrats Shereen! pasel green and yellow. What a pleasant combo :)

  2. OMG she is your friend? I tengok gambar engagement dia kat her official photographer punya website, and i was like, "I want my wedding macam ni!". My WEDDING. And dia baru engagement. Hehe. Her engagement is so cantik. The color combo, the deco, everything about her engagement is so so so so cantik. Please say congratulations to her ya? :)

  3. everything's pretty in those pictures (:

    p/s: i adore ur style soo much ;p

  4. its such a beautiful engagement ! really love the color combo.. :)

    Btw mind to share who did the inner scarf? the pattern look almost the same as maaysa scarf. huhu very nice!~

    congrats to shereen, lucky girl!

  5. seriusly,very beautyyy.. :)

  6. i thought i saw shereen at my office in putrajaya on tuesday, around 1pm+. she was waiting for the driver to pick her up with another 2 of her colleagues (i assume). if yes, then the world is really small. but if not, probably just someone look alike heheh.


  7. where was this held (the location)? soo pretty!

  8. Mia, Reena, Syafika, Haneem & misslysaemilia: Yup, everything was indeed beautiful and the colour combo is refreshing! :)

    Zatil : Next time say hi! hehe. Its a small world after all :)

    Anonymous : Duchess Place at Jalan Ampang. ^_^ Pretty in the day time.

  9. oh so was it really shereen? i wanted to say hi but was afraid if she's somebody else heheh. say hi to shereen. she's really pretty :D


  10. hello kakak =)
    i'm Nina

    i LOVE BUBBLESSS~ bought a bottle during the recent hot air balloon fiesta. hehe

    been following u on your blog, and on LB unofficially since last month. i was browsing thru LB, as usual, and had encountered your brilliant sense of style.

    I heart it soo much, and apparently, spent my FIRST salary, to buy my first online dress on poplook, inspired by u. (I'm glad i bought the dress, wore it a couple of times with a couple of styles, and definitely so very satisfied with the product, even my mom approved it!)

    i wanna thank you for sharing all de beautiful moments in your life, your favourite pastimes, everything u cherish in the most suave style of writing, whereby some of them really connects to some of my experiences, likes and passion.

    i have yet to read on all your posts, but been browsing now and then, to freshen up, or to get some ideas on several things.

    take care,
    and thank you soo much kakak cantek!

    lots of love . .

  11. R Nadia SabrinaMay 2, 2023 at 8:14 PM

    Zatil : Yup, it was Shereen. :)

    Nina : Hello Nina. My brothers call me Nina too actually hehe because when they were younger they were pelat and couldn't say my name properly. Now they just call me that. Don't we all love bubbles? (girls la). it brings us back to our younger days. :) Thank you so much for following my blog and lookbook. I really appreciate it.

    Don't thank me for sharing all the things that I'm sharing on this blog please. It's a pleasure to share. In fact, I am the one who should thank you for spending the time to read my ramblings on all these random things which interest me or just whatever that comes to mind. I'm sorry I took some time to reply to your comment..

    Poplook has some great stuffs kan? Love em! So practical, nice and comfy.

    much love nina and keep in touch! :)

  12. hi there! mind sharing where shereen got her scarf and inner from? i've been looking for tailors who can do exactly the same but they couldnt figure out how to create one :(