Shasha Elisa's Baby Shower

10:23:00 PM

I just got to know that Shasha Elisa had recently given birth to a baby girl. Congratulations Shasha and Carl! I didn't have time previously to post about her baby shower, so now I have the perfect excuse to do so. The baby shower was held on 30th January 2011 at Cafe Barbera Bangsar. The whole place was beautifully and creatively decorated with lots of balloons and paper umbrellas. Whoever organized this baby shower has my complete respect because it is obvious that a lot of effort went into it and I couldn't manage to capture everything in pictures! :)

Each guest was given a goodie bag which had sushi rollers and chopsticks with wasabi nuts (etc) and everyone was given mini-crowns to place on our heads (look closely at the pictures, we were all wearing them). The cupcakes also went along with theme. And there were several huge baby bottles filled with lots of candies and marshmallows too and the whole party was done very nicely. I was a bit late because of my chiro session that day but I was happy to get to see Shasha, my cousins and the rest. Oh, did I mention that the food was scrumptious? I think I may have to go there again.

Congrats once again Shasha. Aunty Sabrina would love to meet the lil one soon :)

The pretty mom to a pretty baby

The goodie bag.

My cousins Cho (Azalea) and Faralisa.
Love Fara's jacket and Cho's denim pants!

With Malisa , Kak Sazzy Falak , Sasha Yusof and Faralia.

My cousins Cho, Zaralisa and Faralisa.

With Nikky Azura and Eryana.

The soon to be parents.

Baby pose .... NOT!

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  1. Tahniah pd yg akan menjadi parents..
    u bila lg?he3..
    cantikla goodie bag tu:)

  2. Salam Breen :) Love love the fact that you have a blog now! Hope all is well ya? xoxo

    P/S: You look good as always. Send my regard to Sazzy! I love her :)

  3. God, I just love Sazzy. Do send my regard to her. & u, as always, look very beautiful & efforlessly stylish..

  4. Niki Sa : No plans no rush :) Yup, cute je the bag kan?

    Hana : salam dear :) i hope one day i can travel all around the world like you all the time! Hope all is well with you too! xoxo

    Anaifa : Thanx for reading my blog dear. Kak sazzy is so bubbly and cheerful! Eventhough she's pregnant with twins but she's so active lah! Like the other mothers to be too la. I only bump into her once in a blue moon je. Have mutual friends. :)

  5. btw, u bile lagi sish? haha
    comel gile kan sazzyy. even dye prgnnt,still nmpk cutee.. :)