The engagement of Shereen Bahawi and Hafeez Belwael

11:45:00 AM

The day one of my BFFs got engaged. :)
When I arrived at the venue and saw the entrance,
I just knew it was going to be a beautiful day.

I arrived well and early because the tray bearers (I was one of them) had to go through a mini-rehearsal.
I managed to snap a few pictures before the rehearsal started.
Everything was just so HER!
The colours, style, designs, everything was just screaming: SHEREEN!!
Everything was so beautiful, all the pictures I took do not give justice to the real thing =
*Note : I want a DSLR.

Isn't she beautiful?
Introducing my gorgeous BFF, Shereen Bahawi.

We went to highschool together, we were classmates, we were in the school's cheerleading team together, both of us went to Melbourne to watch Coldplay's Viva La Vida concert together, we went through a lot together. *reminiscing mode* Good times, good times. :)

She was also one of my bridesmaids and pengapit during my wedding. One thing about Shereen is that she is very organised and dependable. So it was no surprise that almost everything was in place and ready when I arrived at the engagement venue ( Duchess Place ) early that Saturday morning. No kelam kabut (last minute panic / chaos) mode at all. Everything was perfect. :)

I was so excited when I saw Najeeb Azami who also made me up during my 'aqd nikah (solemnization ceremony). He is one of the few make up artists who makes you up
looking all natural and most importantly you still look like yourself :) He is very talented and there is nothing worse than having the look of too thick a make up especially when it is too visible real life and in pictures.

Helping some of the girls who are not used to wearing the hijab.
Shereen requested all the tray-bearers to wear the hijab for uniformity.

Loving the yellow on her! Not many would choose yellow for their engagement or wedding attire.
I just love her attire :)
The colour and design of her dress were simply beautiful, elegant and classy, just like the person Shereen.

This is what I wore. Traditional kurung pahang kain belah depan. Shereen gave us the materials a few months back. We all received the same shade of green, which complimented nicely with Shereen's yellow, and she stood out glowingly. :)
It was a great selection of colours. Oh, all the other girls wore the kurung pahang too.

It was very frantic in the early moments as we hurried to sort everything out for Shereen,
I wasn't aware that this picture was taken.
I guess somehow I managed to be still for a few seconds haha.

Meet Hafeez. Perfect match :)

Candid! I just love her engagement dress! Love it!
A mixture of modern and tradition.

With my husband, who else :)
There was a nice small area with a wall of flowers, perfect for taking pictures. :p

Because we share the same initials! ;p So I "borrowed" the prop for a few snaps hehehe.

The whole event was beautiful and immaculately organized. The decor, the food, everything was perfect. It was a sweet moment for Shereen and we're all happy for you =) But the day did not end there. After the guests left, the girls had a bit of fun and we laughed so hard and had so much fun. Will post about it next! (here)

I'm glad that the ceremony went perfectly and as smooth as planned. Shereen, you are now officially engaged. Congratulations to both you and Hafeez! Just remember that an engagement is just the beginning, paved with many challenges and also don't forget that marriage is not the destination, but the start of another journey. So embrace the journey, don't be surprised by the challenges that you might encounter, just face it together. I am sincerely happy for you and I know that you can weather whatever storms to get to the rainbows :)

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  1. oh, ps:
    kakak, may i share your blog on my fb please please please??

    i love your style of writing too!

    i suke the beading on your baju kurung, i've sewn beads myself on 3 of my own baju kurung, but yours is certainly different and eye catching. buat kat mane?? kalau tak keberatan nak share =)

  2. R Nadia SabrinaMay 2, 2023 at 7:33 PM

    Hi Nina :) Of course you can. Thank you so much for reading and sharing. Appreciate it.

    U buat sendiri your beading? That's great. I wish I can do it myself too! Nw, the baju kurung pahang and the beading were done by Mag (Ampang Park) :)

  3. Assalamualaikum! Your best friend's engagement outfit is amazing...would you mind asking her where she got it from/who designed it please? Thank you! Salam from Brisbane :) -Haz

  4. Salam Nina...Hi!

    I pembaca baru blog u n akan jadi pembaca setia u sebab cara u tulis sangat menarik hati(eceyy,i x bodek tau...hehe)

    Btw,I suka sangat baju kawan u(shereen),boleh tanya kn dekat mana buat? N lagi satu,macam mana u pakai tudung tu ek,sangat chomel!! Ok that's all,thanks in advance gorgeous!! ;)

  5. really like to read ur blog...suka menarik plus u cantik lah...suka tengok...

  6. hi babe, tq so much for the compliments from you... i appreciate it sooo much..dah lama tak jumpa kan?hope you doing well and take care