Vintage themed gathering at Canoodling

11:45:00 PM

Pic from Fadz' trusted iPhone :)

Meet Fazlyn. She is my uni mate which I got to know since my early days reading law in matriculation. She became one of my closest friends ever as she is one of the kindest and most supportive friend I've ever known. Last Sunday, my other close uni girlfriends, Nisa, Fadz and Nuzul decided to meet up at BV 2 to have late lunch to celebrate Faz's delayed birthday celebration. Everyone is just soooooo busy with anything and everything nowadays that we don't meet up as much as we used to. (We used to meet almost every single day in uni ;p) So now, most of the time we only get to meet during weddings, birthdays and other events.

These are the few close girlfriends that made my uni days fun. ^_^ They were there through laughter and tears. Through stresses and tensions (examination time). I will always treasure my uni days. In fact I am missing the campus too. The environment was so peaceful and quiet. The air that I inhaled in campus feels so fresh. Clean, almost unpolluted in the tranquility of the jungle nearby.

We were supposed to go to a place called Banquet. But we couldn't find it (or has the eatery closed down, does anyone know?) so we spontaneously went to this shop called Canoodling.

Nisa suggested that this meet up would be a vintage themed one. So everyone had to wear something vintage. We were so excited upon meeting for the first time in ages (months) that we took a lot of pictures first, and forgot all about ordering until we realized that we were already hungry. The waitresses must have been annoyed that we took so long to order, or wondered whether we were going to order at all! (okay i may be exaggerating a bit).

As you may have guessed, they serve noodles. A whole lot of noodles. We were spoilt for choice. We were quite surprised that the price was quite reasonable as the shop looks pretty nice. If i am not mistaken, even the most expensive items are priced at RM9.90. That made us even more excited. I'll post about the food in another post. Since there are too many pictures of the food and you'll get bored looking at a post with a million pictures in it right?

Nowadays, do not be surprised that instead of the birthday girl receiving gifts they would be the ones giving out gifts instead! Faz just got back from the UK and she got us cute lil stockings with scattered hearts on top to keep us warm when we are cold. She also gave some chocolates that is not available here. She packed it up and sealed it with a heart sticker with our names on it :) Isn't she the sweetest?

On the day that I decided to wear yellow, we had to go to a restaurant whereby all the decos including the bowls etc have to be in yellow as well -_-

We ended our gathering with lots of laughter, together with Maryam who rushed back from outstation and managed to snap a few pictures before we left.

After everyone went their separate ways, I met Khubby who didn't have his lunch yet so we randomly headed to TForty Two because I saw the most tempting-looking macaroons (macarons). It totally didn't disappoint. It is as good as it looks and more. So yummy! Will post about it soon. It was a very relaxing Sunday and I was so glad I could meet up with my friends.

I wore a mustard maxi from poplook and a vintage jacket I found through rummaging my mother's wardrobe. I was in the mood for a cheerful look and decided to go out to express how I felt that day.

Til my next post on the food.

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  1. Hey R nadia Sabrina, tis is my first time visiting your blog and intend to visit it always...jes luv the style in u....especially ur writing n of course d sweet luk. How i wish my daughter would turn out to be like u....keep writing dear....i guess i am now one of your peminat sweetie!

  2. Anon : Hi. Thank you for visiting :) How did you come across the blog? I'll try to keep writing :) Thank you so much!