Cousins stick together

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My cousin Cho Azalea has been trying to do a cousins get-together since we've never had the time to do one in recent times. Too many memories with these girl cousins of mine. Crazy, fun, heartbreaking & ridiculous ones. *reminiscing mode*

Anyways, it has been a long time since we hung out together, apart from the family gatherings / events and whatnot. Even then, some of the time not all of us were around at the same time so we really felt like this get-together was necessary. Cho, Min, Zara, Fara, Mira and me was there. Ika unfortunately couldn't join, but there's always a next time.

We decided to eat Japanese as it was something ALL of us could agree on. We headed to Kin No Mizu, Intermark and before that we stopped by Pu3. We tried on some new stuffs on sale at Pu3, and in the process, took LOTS & LOTS OF PICTURES!

Me and the young (:p) cousins Fara and Mia. Mia is wearing her periwinkle Yadotsa top (I want the same top but its sold out!). Read about it here.

Warming up now. ;p Crazy pose attempt.
Me and Cho..

Who gave me this totally cool Pu3 button earring below!

The Five of us taking a picture. One of us was missing..

Yes, YOU!

Noticed who was missing? and Why is her top different? Haha. She was trying on tops but we just COULDN'T wait for her to change back and forced her to take a picture 'NOW'!!

It was off to the restaurant and we ordered Salmon Sashimi. Love the Salmon sashimi here, it's not Hajime but the slices were quite thick.

Unagi soft shell crab avocado maki. (Can't remember the exact name sorry)

This was the Salmon Shioyaki (buttered grilled salmon). Don't be fooled by the size, it is big and filling and probably too much to eat alone. The butter sauce was rich and creamy and this is one of their best dishes, in my opinion. Oh, the others agreed too! So much that we ordered more!

Among the other times we ordered. :) Yummayh!

We chatted for hours and hours at the restaurant and with everyone being the talkative creatures that they are (we are after all family), everyone was talking at the same time! It was fun and we lost track of time. We even forgot to take proper or decent pictures in the small, secluded and cozy room that we were seated in. It was a round table and it just felt good plus the ambience was great. We left the restaurant very happy.

I took a photo of the art on display at Intermark, while waiting for the girls to finish freshening up in the restroom. Although initially we had all planned to leave just before going to the restroom, we were chatting so much that we decided we were *NOT* done talking and sat and order coffee and drinks at the nearby coffee lounge. I ordered a Banana Smoothie and it was quite nice.

Me with the girls at the lounge. Min had already left and the rest of us should have also left, if we could just stop talking! (Impossible, I tell you).

Me and Cho. I love the painting behind us.
An attempt to Smize.. (I failed miserably)

A so called Tyra/tigerish pose~

At around 11.30, Zara and Fara had to say goodbye. Me, Cho and Mia also agreed to leave with them..
But we still ended up chatting!

Cho and Mia. Look at their lovely heels/platforms. I wish I could still wear those killer heels but I will have to wait til I get better first. Soon I hope! For now Fit Flops is the way to go. :) Better health this year God-willing. ^_^

And finally, we were done for the night.

My favourite pictures with my loves.

Thanks, girls. It was certainly a fun get-together and it was a non-stop talk-fest where at times every one was talking and no one was listening! That's just how we are with each other and I think Mia was at first surprised, but she quickly adapted and got on with the talking! haha. Read her post on the outing here. It was super fun. We all decided to meet up like this more often so I can't wait for the next outing! Till then :)

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  1. It was funnnn! Let's do this sometime later :)

  2. u cousin with owner pu3 tu eh???all of you look stunning and gorges babe

  3. ZAZA Apparels Manufacturer Sdn BhdFebruary 23, 2024 at 5:55 PM

    Lovely Sabrina. Pls may Ende have the photos..whatsapp pls. Thx